Infuse Database?

I’m curious how Infuse stores things like library data, playback progress…etc. Where are these files stored so that it is available and consistent across multiple devices? I’m a long time Plex and Kodi (XBMC) user and they both require a backend to store this data to be shared amongst multiple players. Thanks!

Infuse uses a combination of iCloud and Trakt for saving and syncing this info between devices.

More details on how this works can be found here.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I’ve gotta say that my initial impressions are great with this product and I’m a long time Plex and Kodi user. This is just simplifies things even further! So, an iCloud setup is required. I am curious how much space is used as I don’t pay for or really use iCloud right now. I sync all my personal stuff up to my Synology. I thought I read previously that the metadata XML files were stored alongside the media files but I’m guessing that isn’t the case any longer? Based on reading the info on the page you linked I’m guessing the cover art and such are stored on the device and influenced by the cloud based metadata corrections (if required).

With that being said are there plans to one day provide the user the ability to define where the backend info is stored? As an example, my Synology is available internally and externally and DNS is relative to location so it’s always accessible via the same name.

Thanks again for your assistance!

The majority of people are on the free tier of iCloud, so we’ve designed Infuse in such a way so that it takes up very little iCloud space. The largest part of the Infuse library is artwork, and this is cached locally on each device as it can be easily re-downloaded from the original source, if needed.

As an example, for my personal library of about 700 films, Infuse uses only 25KB of iCloud space.

Makes sense and all sounds reasonable. I don’t really use iCloud at all so as long as I stay within the free tier limits it all works for me :slight_smile:

Sorry, but just to be 100% clear. Based on reading this Metadata 101 – Firecore, the manual metadata corrections will be stored in iCloud from the file I create alongside the media? Just making sure I’m understanding, if you have access to the media files since you couldn’t play them without it :slight_smile: I assume you can access the XML files too…so why the need to store metadata changes in iCloud? Thanks again!

The manual corrections referenced in that guide are selections made when using the Edit option in Infuse.

For example, if you have a file named Alice_in_Wonderland.mkv Infuse would probably match this as the 2010 version, since that is the top result at TMDb (alice in wonderland — The Movie Database (TMDb)). However, if this was actually the original cartoon from 1951 you could use the Edit option to select this, and this selection would sync via iCloud to other devices.

Wow, you’re fast to respond. I swear I’m not trying to be a pest, just trying understand exactly how it works. So if I’m understanding correctly the stuff stored in iCloud is only covered when editing directly from the application itself. I’m also guessing the edit function is essentially the same on any Apple platform (TV/iPad/iPhone). As for the XML file option mentioned in that link and exampled here Inception, is that still an option as well if I didn’t want to neccessarily use the built in application edit function? If that is still an option is it because the application edit function is limited? Or is the option still available just because it’s easier than trying to edit it from within the application if we want to modify so much detail?

I swear that’s the end of my questions. Hopefully others can benefit from this info :slight_smile:

Using XML files is an option, but since the metadata is stored in the actual XML files (and those are presumably stored somewhere safe) Infuse won’t need to sync any of that info to iCloud. For ease of use, I wouldn’t recommend using XML files unless you have some specific content or details that aren’t available on either TMDb or TheTVDb. In almost all cases, fetching info from these databases is just as fast (if not faster) than reading local XML files, and is way less of hassle.

In essence, once you get Infuse set up the way you want it, all the critical info is synced in iCloud (saved shares, corrections, file-specific playback settings, etc…). This means, if you upgrade or otherwise replace your device, all you need to do is re-download Infuse and everything will automatically populate to be just like it was before.

Makes perfect sense. Thank you again!

I’m new to Apple TV and infuse - Using infuse pro on Apple TV 4K. Migrated from Mede8er X3D which stored metadata generated from tivdb and IMDb locally. I am now using X3D as server. I am operating my Apple TV as a media player on a local network ( no internet connection). Infuse is currently scanning metadata and artwork is being displayed. Waiting to see if xml data appears. I have embedded metadata off and fetching on. Is this the correct setting to download xml files from local server. I have set my folders to use local data

I understand from discussion that infuse uses iCloud to sync. When infuse is not connected to iCloud is metadata ( xml files, artwork etc) stored locally in the app?

Also Will library set up correctly without internet connection?

Apologies if you have already answered these questions elsewhere.

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