Infuse database or settings file on macOS got corrupted. How to delete or reset?

  • Infuse is connected via SMB to a NAS
  • The URL of the NAS is truenas.local
  • I was running out of space on this NAS so I created a new TrueNAS system with more capacity
  • The old TrueNAS system has been powered off
  • The new TrueNAS system is powered on
  • The new TrueNAS system appears to Infuse with the same URL truenas.local, but the media folders on this new NAS are arranged differently
  • When I launched Infuse on Mac after bringing the new NAS online, it still showed the old media folders
  • I then clicked the option to Scan for Changes (in retrospect I should have deleted the SMB connection and re-created it)
  • This seems to have corrupted the local Infuse database
  • When I launch Infuse on this particular Mac, Infuse crashes (screenshot below)

If my assumption of a local Infuse database is correct, how can I delete or reset that database without starting Infuse on Mac?

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That worked – thanks!!

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