Infuse - Custom Path for File Sharing

Good afternoon,

I am trying to create a custom path for file sharing through SMB (Windows 7), and am having a very difficult time. The main default server (i.e. Computer name) is found; however, I want to create a custom path that pulls off a media folder from an external hard drive. I have tried many different variations for the path, but have been unsuccessful. The path I would assume would work is the following:

Computer Name/E:/Media/Videos

As the above, as well as many other tries have not worked, I would greatly appreciate any input/help that will lead me to what I need to enter to pull off from the "Videos" folder ONLY on my external HD. Please note, that I do NOT have the E: shared, only the "Media" folder. That being said, everything is recognized through the default server, but I cannot specify a folder I want. I am entering the paths through the "Server" option when adding a share.

Thank you!

I am not sure that you can include a folder on the path to a share.

What you CAN do is create a favorite that points to the MOVIES folder.   Such a favorite then appears at the top level when listed in inFuse.

Thank you for the reply,

Unfortunately, the favorites ability will not help me in the original process. The main Computer that is picked up by default scans for hours and finds more information that I want to actually share. 

I assumed you could direct a path for the Apple TV2, as you can for other devices:

Anyway, any other input/help would be be great.

Thank you!