Infuse crashing on metadata update

The latest Infuse (4.0.3) has been crashing when I try to update metadata, whether using the embedded data or pulled from online. Often you don’t even need to update it, only hit the Edit button and then back out. Once the application begins crashing, it can no longer update for the data without crashing. By crashing, I mean that the application can no longer find the hard disk on the network. The only option is to force quit the application and then restart it.

I’ve tried clearing metadata, removing and adding in the app fresh, and even resetting the entire Apple TV to its factory settings. It even now happens under the latest OS update, 9.2.

An update. I’m posting on the main Infuse 4.0.3 release page (pages 12-13) and so it’s good to note what I’ve found so far:

To start with, each .m4v has embedded metadata added via Subler but Infuse can ignore embedded metadata and can think the file is a different movie or year, so you need to use the Edit feature to find the right metadata.

As far as I can tell, the problem lies directly in using the EDIT button.

On saving the selected new metadata, the app crashes with this error:

An error occurred
The operation could not be completed

and all the file directories are inaccessible up to the root mount (which remains; opening it brings back the error).

What I’ve discovered tho is that if you don’t use your own metadata and instead let Infuse pull it from the internet, there’s a way to pull the correct information automatically without pressing the EDIT button, and the update can happen correctly. Sometimes the initial listing by Infuse will misname files (example: Captain_America.m4v becomes the as yet unreleased Captain America Civil War) but if you click on the movie and if the name is correct enough or has a data on it, Infuse will re-read the metadata and can correct itself without using the EDIT button.

So this changes a few things:

  • It's not the number of files in a directory as the process can still update correctly without crashing
  • It does have something to do with directly EDITing the movie file, using the EDIT function
  • EDIT crashes with online metadata and embedded metadata, so the type or location of metadata isn't relevant
  • It doesn't always happen with all directories (smaller numbers takes longer) but once it happens it happens all the time
  • It doesn't happen the first 4 or 5 times, but when you're updating a number of wrong entries, it can crash
  • When it crashes, it affects the location of the mounted disks and folders; those resources become unavailable up to but not including the root folder
  • If Infuse updates the metadata automatically on viewing the movie info, you can still back out and use Infuse as expected
  • It's incredibly annoying, and it's been happening for the past 2 releases at least

I’ll re-add this to my earlier post which went unanswered (and why I’m posting here and in the only thread with feedback…) but hopefully this will aid Firecore in finding it.