Infuse crashes scanning big library

I have three 3TB hard disks mounted on a Raspberry Pi and shared through Samba. Every hard disk has two folders: TV Shows and Films. I have the six folders indexed in Infuse with a total of 775 films and 1900 tv shows. Now, when Infuse scans the library it crashes. It takes around two minutes “Searching” and then it starts downloading metadata. In the middle of the process, the app just closes. Any idea? Has Infuse a maximum limit of films/tv shows that can manage?
If you need further information to detect the problem, just ask me.

Sorry to hear about that.

Infuse doesn’t have any kind of file count limit, but we’d love to look into what is going on in your case.

If you have a chance to send in a report from your Apple TV it would help us pinpoint the issue, and get it resolved. A bit more info on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

Thanks!. It’s done. The code is 75GVG.