Infuse constantly asking for microphone access and PIN to connect to nearby Chromecast device

I will be very surprised if there are any options for a free upgrade to v6. Anyone who opts for the one-time charge for v5 should be doing so knowing that v6 will be a paid upgrade. I think the ‘free’ option for v5 was partly to help with the transition to the new pricing model where it is obvious that the subscription option is the preferred route as far as FireCore is concerned. I could be wrong, however, and a similar offer will be made for v6. However it is worth noting that even with v5 the ‘free’ upgrade option was for the first year of the subscription option - not for the stand-alone option.

I reverted to the previous version yesterday for my commute and instantly got the bug again. It’d be great to have a feature option to disable cast completely. That said it is fixed in the newest release. I’ll upgrade for the fix and take the benefit of other new features too. I do agree that the higher pricing is a bitter pill particularly as the bug is so disruptive to viewing.

I never reproduced before this error but yesterday was absolutely nonsense for some hours

I use Infuse Pro 4.3.3 With iPad Air and Sandisk Connect Wifi. This setup works like a charm for years but then Infuse starts requiring PIN and I can’t understand the source of the request

After one hour it stops when disable Blouetooth from my new iphone SE (with NFC chip I don’t know if it affects)

It’s the only thing that change in the room. During one week I don’t have this behavior but I buy this friday the new iphone and infuse become a little crazy

Solved when I turn off bluetooth of iphone SE