Infuse constantly asking for microphone access and PIN to connect to nearby Chromecast device

I am sitting here in a restaurant trying to watch a video, and Infuse keeps asking me to give it access to the microphone to listen for a PIN to connect to a nearby Chromecast device. If I skip that then it throws up another dialogue box asking me to manually enter the PIN that’s on screen.

There is no Chromecast device connected through WiFi since there is no WiFi connection, and I have specifically denied mic access in the settings, because I have no use for the mic in Infuse.

How can I shut off this feature? It happens several times a minute, making it impossible to watch any video. I don’t need Chromecast support, but even if I did, surely you must be able to have it not pop up such a message every 20 seconds.

Bluetooth is on, since I need it for my portable keyboard. Could it be connecting to something through that? I’m in a mall so who knows what hardware is around here, but Bluetooth range isn’t that great so I would not have guessed it would be an issue.

Infuse Pro 4.3.2
iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 10.0.1
Apple Lightning earbuds with mic
Dell ThinkOutside Bluetooth Keyboard

This is something we’re looking into and hope to have resolved soon.

Can I bump this as I have been having this issue intermittently since version 3 of infuse. Now on version 5 and it is still happening. Even though it keeps being “fixed”.

Another, hopefully more permanent, fix will be available soon.

Sorry for the trouble.

I really like infuse, great app and features but this one thing is a complete show stopper for me. I commute to work on public transport and moving through slow moving traffic the interruptions are constant with the pop up overlaying the playing video.

I remain on the previous version, the first instance of this issue reported here on the forum is from last year and it wasn’t fixed. Unfortunately the same issue with the new version is not enticing me to upgrade.

Would appreciate more insight into possible fix timeframe please.

This has been somewhat of a moving target to due Apple’s iOS updates and Google’s corresponding Cast SDK updates.

We have a few improvements coming in the 5.3.1 update which we think will fix this once and for all.

We have a beta of Infuse 5.3.1 available with improved Google Cast support.

If anyone would like to try the beta to confirm it fully resolves this issue just let me know.

I can test it on my normal journey come Monday. Useful?


I’ve just sent over an invite for the beta via TestFlight.

Got it. Thanks James.

I’d be happy to beta test this fix too

Invite sent!

Played some content for 2 hrs - no chrome cast popup at all. With the old / release version the pin popup was about once every 20s. Also tried basics like fetch metadata and no issues seen.

Great to hear!

The final fix will be included in 5.3.1 which we are hoping to submit to Apple this week.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem as others. Using Infuse Pro 4.3.3 and it is asking me to connect to chrome cast every 20 seconds. I have Bluetooth on so my Bluetooth headphones are connected to my iPhone.
This makes the app unusable and I don’t see why I should pay an extra £12.99 on top of what I have already paid for something I don’t even know will fix this issue.

James invited me to test the issue on the new release candidate and I can confirm I’ve not had a repeat of the problem. Thankfully it appears to be fixed, I don’t expect the fix to be back ported to the prior version, Maybe James will confirm.

This issue has been resolved in the current 5.3.1 version of Infuse.

Unfortunately the improvements included in Infuse 5 will not be available for version 4. Sorry. :frowning:

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply however I think that this is bang out of order. I paid, I think, about £10 for Infuse Pro 4.3.3 and it was working fine and I was perfectly happy with it, and now suddenly it has an incurable bug that forces me to upgrade to version 5, which I don’t want, oh and that will be another £12 please. That’s complete s**t. It sounds like something that has been designed to force people to upgrade and earn Firecore some more revenue.

If you had anything about your company, you would fix the terminal bug rather than just abandon customers and say sorry but give me some more money. If I wanted to upgrade I would do. What are you going to do about this?

The issue is related to the Google SDK, and its interaction with newer versions of iOS. It’s somewhat of a cat and mouse game, and is actually something we have fixed numerous times in the past as updates from Apple and Google have been released.

I’m not sure when you purchased Infuse, but if it was after August 1st you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to v5. More details can be found here. Upgrade to Infuse 5 and save 30%

Glad it’s finally fixed, maybe once and for all. However, interestingly, I haven’t gotten this on Infuse 4 recently.

So, given it’s already spring, I may just wait until the end of summer before upgrading to Infuse 5, in order to hopefully get a free upgrade to Infuse 6. I’m not really into the yearly subscription thing.