Infuse connectivity and cache buggy

Infuse 6 seems to be a little buggy with the most recent updates.

I stream all my content from over WebDav - and quite often, Infuse seems to lose connectivity. Like it’s no longer able to use the internet. If I exist infuse, and try out AppStore, works fine. If I try out any other app that uses the internet, works fine. The only thing that fixes it is if I put my Apple TV to sleep.

Also, I’m getting cache errors.

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your device (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code you see here?

Hi James,

thanks. It happens at least twice a day.

I’m only to submit diagnostics after either doing a soft reset or putting Apple TV to sleep and back out. For the same reason mentioned in my issue.

I submitted two diagnostics so far:

Can you try updating to Infuse 6.5.3 and iOS/tvOS 14.2 and see if things are improved?

Hi James,

thanks. It seems to be less frequent, but it looks like it does still occasionally lose connectivity. I suspect that it does it when Infuse begins syncing.

I’ve submitted another diagnostic: HAZ8J

I’d like to point out that I was able to submit this, and several other diagnostics even though it was failing to play my cloud content. I didn’t have to reboot Apple TV. In some cases, it doesn’t play on an immediate attempt, and if I wait several minutes it plays, and sometimes it works immediately when replaying.

Also, this is with Infuse 6.5.3, but TV OS 14.0 - for some reason my Apple TV did not update automatically even though it was set to do so.

I’ve manually updated to 14.2 now, and will report back soon.

Thanks for following up.

Today’s 6.5.4 update also has a handful of changes which can improve streaming in many cases, so it would be worth updating to that as well.

Hi James. Thanks.

Still having issues. Seems to be a little worse now the past 2 days.

Here is a diagnostics I submitted: