Infuse combining shows with closely matching titles

I think the metadata matching algorithm needs abit of improvement when it comes to closely matching titles eg Narcos, Narcos: Mexico, The Inbetweeners, The Inbetweeners (US), The Office, The Office (US), etc you get the point

These shows are always mixed up for me even tho my episodes are named exactly as TVDB

The Office (US)\Season 1\ The Office (US) - S01E01 - Pilot
The Office\Season 1\The Office - S01E01 - Downsize

2 different shows named properly but they always end up mixed together. And even when I try to manually find the metadata some episode will still end up mixed up together even tho they are named to standard.

Another one

The inbetweeners\Season 1\The Inbetweeners - S01E01 - First Day
The Inbetweeners (US)\Season 1\The Inbetweeners (US) - S01E01 - First Day

I tried out some searches on tvdb. Seems like office isn’t showing up right at the site. Are they both showing up as US version? Try doing The Office (UK) or Office 2001. (I know this goes against normal show matching guidelines)

Innetweeners looks like it should work. Maybe get rid of the hyphen before S##E##.

Infuse will be switching to TMDb in the future for tv shows so we might see some fetching improvements there in the future. v7.1

Yea I have double episodes on s01 and s02
The problem is I would manually find the metadata in infuse 6, set it and it would be good. Then a couple days later, I would find the episodes mixed together again. Now with the 7 update they mixed up again and when I change the metadata for the US it also changes the british one even tho none of the files have US in the title.
As I said it’s not just this 2 titles but mostly shows with similar titles but different years or american remakes coz of the parenthesis.

It’s not bothering me too much and I’m not watching the shows anytime soon but I have a huge library and everything is named that way so I’m trying to avoid renaming at all costs.

Yea hope it drops soon. I’m getting anxious.

I thought you mentioned in the release notes that you improved the matching?
Infuse keeps on lumping different shows together and it’s getting quite irritating now. I will fix the match and a month later when I access the show, infuse matches to the wrong show while looking for metadata updates.
In addition to the shows named above (The Office, The Inbetweeners, Narcos, etc) infuse just combined all the different “Love & Hip Hop” episodes to a show called “Love Island”. The episodes are named as such;

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - S01E01 - The ‘A’ List.mkv
Love & Hip Hop Hollywood - S01E01 - La La Land.mkv
Love & Hip Hop Miami - S01E01 - Welcome to Miami.mkv
Love & Hip Hop New York - S01E01 - Love & Hip Hop.mkv
Love & Hip Hop Secrets Unlocked - S01E01 - Unforgetaways.mkv

5 different shows combined into one show.
Please look into this as it’s getting quite annoying.

I can search for all of those love and hip-hop‘s without issue via the website. Maybe replace the & with “and”

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Searching tmdb is not the problem. The problem is with Infuse’s matching capabilities.

@munpip214 is right on.

Here’s what I get automatically with the word “and” instead of the ampersand.


Here is all of the listed shows above.

Infuse matched perfectly for all. :wink:

The ampersand is often a "special character that should be avoided for file names.

Thanks and I totally get that, but would you agree that, that being part of the Title of the Show and Infuse having a problem matching the Exact title as posted on TMDB means it’s a problem/bug that needs to be fixed?
I name all my shows in this format; Title (Exact name as TVDB/TMDB) - SXXEXX - Episode Title.
I could go ahead and replace all instances of “&” from all the Titles in my library but I have a huge library and I do not wanna do that and that is a problem that could be rectified on infuses end.

  1. I do not like posting examples as that will always divert the main issue and try to lead to exact solutions like it is right now.
    One of the things that I posted above is that at some point I will manually match the show and after a while Infuse “forgets” and when it tries to fetch new metadata, it matches to another show. It happens so many times and that is what is really frustrating me.

  2. In the first post I mentioned some other shows (which did not have the “&” in the title) and what the problem was.
    Narcos and Narcos: Mexico will also be combined, etc.
    Infuse in general has a problem matching shows which have almost similar titles and that is pretty much the whole problem.

I’ll attach screenshots showing infuse had matched the titles before and then afterwards all of them had been combined.

Not really, I’ve seen the screw ups that the ampersand and colon have caused in the past so just avoiding those seems to work great.

The name of movies and shows aren’t dictated by restrictions found in the computer world with special characters so we make the adjustments needed to work in that arena.

Ok. So infuse having problems matching EXACT TMDB titles is not a problem in Infuses part but a problem in the Title of the show. Gotcha. :slight_smile:
Searching Love & Hip Hop Miami brings up the right result on TMDB, so I would expect Infuse to work the same way, but that’s just my opinion I guess.

As for Narcos if you again just eliminate the colon it matched correctly.
narcos file structure names

Yes there are occasional mismatches but all in all if you follow the naming convictions and avoid the special characters the matches are pretty good.

I’ve named mine;

Narcos - S01E01.mkv
Narcos Mexico - S01E01 - Camelot.mkv

If infuse cannot tell that those are 2 different shows and you totally support that, then I’m at a loss

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. Whether @james wants to fix/leave it be…

Just for the record I’ve manually fixed the Matches as shown in the screenshot and I’ll be back in a month to complain that infuse “forgot” the matches and matched them back to love island

To be clear infuse just sends the search request to TMDb and the call returns the top match and infuse will use it. Since this is technically slightly different from the search bar on the site you won’t necessarily get 100% same results. There really isn’t much that infuse is doing other than the recognizing it is a show based on the season episode syntax and sending the name and info along. Generally speaking probably best to avoid special characters.

Yes, I totally get that. And that is where Infuse is glitching. It breaks apart where “&” is in the title producing different results and I’ll tell you there are 1000s of shows with that character in the title. I really appreciate and thank you guys for taking your time and trying to help me reach a solution, but this is something that has to be fixed on Infuse’s end. All other apps which use TMDB API have no problem finding shows with & in the title except Infuse. I’ll post more screenshots showing the results in infuse when searching “Love & Hip Hop” vs another app which also uses TMDB API. And I actually see now why it keeps matching to Love Island. Clearly a Bug.

Clearly a bug. It blows my mind how you guys don’t see this and want me to rename my whole library to work around Infuses limitations. If it doesn’t get fixed, there will be others who will come to the forums with the same problem over and over because there are hundreds of shows with & in the Official Title.

The issue with ‘&’ may be a bug, and something we can probably address. I wasn’t able to replicate any issues with Narcos and Narcos Mexico, as Infuse fetched the correct info for both automatically.

That said, there are certain characters which are considered ‘illegal’ and should be avoided for file and folder names. These include: / ? < > \ : * | "

There is also an extended list which can cause issues with certain file systems and streaming protocols, so it might be advisable to avoid these as well.

Regardless of how the file is named, once matched to the correct title on TMDB Infuse will always display the correct name (as listed on TMDB), even if it includes special characters.

With regard to the original issue, TMDB has both The Office (US) and The Office (UK) listed as simply ‘The Office’, but each has an alternate title which Infuse can access when matching. The best way to differentiate these would be to add the US/UK variant or the year to the filenames to avoid issues.


For the UK version:

The Office UK S01 E01.mp4
The Office 2001 S01 E01.mp4

For the US version:

The Office US S01 E01.mp4
The Office 2005 S01 E01.mp4

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Glad that is settled. For the record, the app that I use for renaming strips off all Illegal Characters from the filenames, so filenames having Illegal characters isn’t the issue here.

Now the main issue. Infuse “forgetting” the matches.
Look at the screenshots attached below. Look at the file names and note that Infuse has recognized them as different shows hence the different episode descriptions, but still has grouped them together as Narcos: Mexico. I have just manually matched and separated them right now, but a week later when I check the library they will be back together. Look into that. It’s not just this show, I just had to separate all the shows that I mentioned above.

Has this happened since updating to 7.1 (correcting them and having them mix again)? 7.1 included revamped handling for TV shows, so it may be reason I can’t replicate this issue here.

Yes, time and time again. I have this show called Ladies Night, but there are 2 of them on TMDB. I manually fixed that last week and this week it’s matched to the wrong show again. Now, I know I could rename the files and add a year to them to increase the matching capabilities but one would assume once you have matched to the right show, that that match is “locked” to those filenames, or the other way around.

And also the Love and Hip Hop’s are back together again since infuse again tried updating the metadata. Frustrating. They have matched back to Love Island because infuse cant find the show with the “&”. Please fix this ASAP.