Infuse combining shows with closely matching titles

I think the metadata matching algorithm needs abit of improvement when it comes to closely matching titles eg Narcos, Narcos: Mexico, The Inbetweeners, The Inbetweeners (US), The Office, The Office (US), etc you get the point

These shows are always mixed up for me even tho my episodes are named exactly as TVDB

The Office (US)\Season 1\ The Office (US) - S01E01 - Pilot
The Office\Season 1\The Office - S01E01 - Downsize

2 different shows named properly but they always end up mixed together. And even when I try to manually find the metadata some episode will still end up mixed up together even tho they are named to standard.

Another one

The inbetweeners\Season 1\The Inbetweeners - S01E01 - First Day
The Inbetweeners (US)\Season 1\The Inbetweeners (US) - S01E01 - First Day

I tried out some searches on tvdb. Seems like office isn’t showing up right at the site. Are they both showing up as US version? Try doing The Office (UK) or Office 2001. (I know this goes against normal show matching guidelines)

Innetweeners looks like it should work. Maybe get rid of the hyphen before S##E##.

Infuse will be switching to TMDb in the future for tv shows so we might see some fetching improvements there in the future. v7.1

Yea I have double episodes on s01 and s02
The problem is I would manually find the metadata in infuse 6, set it and it would be good. Then a couple days later, I would find the episodes mixed together again. Now with the 7 update they mixed up again and when I change the metadata for the US it also changes the british one even tho none of the files have US in the title.
As I said it’s not just this 2 titles but mostly shows with similar titles but different years or american remakes coz of the parenthesis.

It’s not bothering me too much and I’m not watching the shows anytime soon but I have a huge library and everything is named that way so I’m trying to avoid renaming at all costs.

Yea hope it drops soon. I’m getting anxious.