Infuse Chromecast

Upgraded to Infuse Pro to try out Beta Chromecast feature.

  1. Initially played Friends episode (MKV) and the video played fine, but without sound.
    Mediainfo reports file as:
    Video: MKV, 81.5 MiB, AVC, 23.976fps (HIGH@L4.1) (CABAC / 5 Ref frames)
    Audio: 48.0 Khz/24.0 Khz, 2 Channels, AAC (HE-AAC/LC)

  2. Then tried to play 2 Broke Girls episode (MP4)
    An error occurred finding this content
    Video: MPEG-4, 162MiB, 920Kbps
    Audio: 118Kbps, 48.0Khz, 2 Channels, AAC (LC)

All subsequent attempts to play ANY media thereafter, resulted in error:
An error occurred finding this content

Any suggestions? I know that you’re in Beta, so hopefully some of this help with your ongoing development.
As previously mentioned on this forum as well, Chromecast needs to take over the streaming, so the iPad can be used for other things during broadcast. Would be great however if you could control the streamed volume via the iPad with the up/down swipe.


Most of my files are either MP4 or MKV and they play fine (with video, audio and opensubtitles).
I did notice that i wasn’t able to cast an AVI file to the Chromecast. The button simple didn’t appear.

Thanks. I noticed there is a new version so will have to try that out.

I don’t see a new version yet in the App Store. The latest version (3.2.1) is from the 23rd of February '15. I have seen a response from the developer that he submitted a 3.2.2 version last week.

I did notice that the Chromecast officially doesn’t support MKV or AVI files (how odd). But that there are also other Android/Chrome apps (e.g. Videostream) out there which can transcode & cast such files to the Chromecast which Infuse 3 Pro probably will be able to in the near future (i hope).
Unfortunately there isn’t yet a good iOS app which supports these formats although i should test it out with AllCast.

Source e.g.

Yes and my original post was on the 17th Feb, and I haven’t tried it again since then.

I use Plex 99.9% of the time with Chromecast and that supports all format. I like the Infuse interface though. The plex iOS player is pretty sucky and doesn’t support the control that infuse does, volume, rewind/ff etc

I hope that the 3.2.1 update will fix your issues. My iPad mini2 and iPhone 4S are updated almost daily (it’s a habit).

I can’t install Plex on my NAS unfortunately.
I also really like Infuse 3.

The upcoming 3.2.2 update will have a few minor Google Cast related fixes, but the version after (3.3) should have a few more noticeable improvements.

We don’t have an ETA for 3.3 yet, but it’s likely at least a few weeks out.

That sounds great James! I do hope that it’s possible to create background playback support for Chromecast in the 3.3 release (like another app AllCast can but lacks major features that your app has).

What am I missing? I have iPhone 6 with Infuse Pro 3.2.1. I recently bought a chromecast. I enabled Google Cast Beta in Infuse but do not see any way to stream anything to Chromecast. No icon to select or anything. Help?

A Cast button will be visible while a video is playing, though keep in mind that Cast streaming only works for h.264 videos right now.

Thanks. Never really paid too much attention to format and kind of new to this. I used Handbrake to convert some DVD rips To m4v format. None of them play to Chromecast. How can I check the format? I selected the AppleTV 3 format in Handbrake because I primarily stream from my iPhone to my AppleTV.

I love Infuse. It’s an awesome interface. I have tried many and prefer Infuse so I am hoping this works out!


Those should likely work, though are these videos that have been synced through iTunes? We’re working to resolve a quirk where content that has been synced through iTunes cannot be Casted.

All other content sources can be Casted.

I believe they were. :(.

Great product though, keep up the good work. I will patiently wait for future updates. :slight_smile:

Update: It was because of iTunes sync. I deleted the movie and re-added the exact same movie via cloud download from my NAS and it plays fine. Just thought I would let you know.

I got the infuse pro v3.2.1 yesterday as I wanted to dust off my long forgotten Chromecast. after research, it seemed like this premium app was best but it doesn’t seem to cast any mkvs. I keep getting the error ‘video playback will be slow and choppy’.

Why is this? I’m running an iPhone6 and updated Chromecast.

I am using infuse pro 3.3.1 on my iPad Air2 and could not chromecast.avi files. When is a feature add on expected for .avi and other unsupported format for Chromecast? Would be very great full for an update and if available any workaround for casting .avi( most of my library is .avi).

Thanks in advance!


I can play many video files, mkv 1080p mainly, but the videos play slowly. It’s a bit jerky… could you telle me why? I use a iPhone 6s Plus.