Infuse - chosing your own covers for the movies

Hi all

Please help!!! How to solve this problem?

It looks like there has been another infuse upgrade where you are now treating movies like series? Meaning that if movies are correlated to trakt database then it is now NO MORE POSSIBLE to choose your own front covers? Then you are stuck with those covers. And I want my own preferred movie posters :blush:

I just tested this. I am now only able to change front covers if they dont already exist in that database. Meaning if i chose to rename my preferred movie covers to “folder.jpg” we now have the same problems as with the series. I also tried to rename my preferred movie poster to same title as movie name. Also no luck.

If this is really true something needs to be done about it. I want my favourite movies to figure in my overview - not some posters that other people prefer :joy::joy:.

Thanks everyone for your kind help. Much appreciated.


The easiest way to use your own Cover Artwork in my opinion is to use Emby/Plex as your movie / series Database management tool.
Infuse will pull what ever artwork you have set in Emby / Plex Metadata config.

If you do not want to use Emby / Plex, please check here for replacing movie covers

Whole options for Metadata manipulation can be seen here

Hi Elchupte and thanks for such a prompt quick reply. It looks like i am forced to use plex then? As the override functionality within Infuse doesnt work. Alex from Infuse sent me this some months ago when I had similar problems with TV-series. But nothing helped. I tried four months now to have independance but all suggestions from Alex and Infuse people have failed. So I think they threw in the towel at the end :joy::joy:. Anyway they were helpful and tried all they can but with version 7 all things changed so I guess I need to downgrade to a version 6 or 5. If at all possible. To regain my choice of freedom

Have you tried naming the poster jpg the same exact name as the movie and placing it in the same directory as the movie with the only difference in file name is the .jpg extension?

Just as shown in the link @elchupete provided


Yes. Tried that as well. Also no luck. Exact same name as the movie. But thanks for the good suggestion.

A couple of questions, what device is this on and what version number of Infuse?

Can you provide a screen cap of the file structure and file names for some of these movies that are not recognizing the poster in the same directory?

Have you used the “Scan for Changes” button in the library screen?

Hi again

Really appreciate if You can find out the problem for me. I like it if there is some logic to override the metadata.

The photos show

  1. version of infse on the apple tv
  2. photo of the movie. Danish poster I found myself and uploaded to the folder
  3. the structure from my folder with the movie the crisom pirate. Here the Danish title but I use this principle for all my movies: film\film name + then adding the poster. And i have tried same name, naming the poster: folder.jpg, folder.png, title name.jpg and so forth. Also tried to name them favorite.jpg
  4. how it looks on the apple tv. With a wrong cover artwork automatically retrieved from that webpage you mentioned.

And i so much want to choose my own artwork :blush:


And yes. I used also the scan for changes, refresh etc.

What language do you have set for metadata in Infuse?

What language do you have set for your ATV?

The poster you show on the ATV doesn’t appear to be from TMDB, they only show one English poster and that’s not it.

Is it possible you have the poster shown on the ATV in the movie folder?

First thing I would try is

  • do not use special characters in filename (like the danish Ø)
  • do not use space in filenames
  • do not use upper case characters in filenames

modern filesystems / OS should not have an issue with the above, but hey I’ve seen a lot of issues with the above. Working as a software developer for years :wink:

so my filename would be
den_knaldrode_pirat.mkv / .png