Infuse changes cover after download, Bug?

I’m using latest version of Infuse on my iPad. Basically everything works nice (accessing my movies on my qnap).

But, the moment I download movies for later viewing (local iPad saving) Infuse changes my well prepared covers :frowning_face:

Screenshots enclosed, example movies “Joe” and “Superfly” on my server, and the second one with wrong covers after download.

Thx for help.

Both of those appear to be different movies. Note the year for both is different.

How do you have the files named for those two?

When downloading videos from a server, Infuse will download the video itself and external subtitles (if present). It does not currently download local artwork or metadata files, so Infuse will fetch and display info and artwork from TMDB for these files.

If you want to use your own artwork for local files, these can be added to the Infuse app manually.

Hi, thx for your comments.

  1. I prepare and organize my movies very carefully (and time assuming ::slight_smile: for the use with emby and infuse.
    All my artwork is stored locally (inside every movie folder) and I take care of organization via EmberMediaManager.

My sample files are named:

with corresponding JOE_RACHE_FUER_AMERIKA_[HDDVD].fanart.jpg
and poster file: JOE_RACHE_FUER_AMERIKA_[HDDVD].jpg

The .nfo files contains all movie infos - enclosed.

AFTER download to iPad infuse changes obviously the movie db link and therefore year, cover,… are false.

(The second movie is SUPERFLY_[HDDVD].mkv - from 1972)

There should be an option/switch to decide, if infuse uses the local graphics or looks up for new cover-art.


I actually have been having a similar “issue” with series that I download to the device not inheriting the metadata/images from my Jellyfin server. Since you’ve mentioned that Infuse only grabs the video and external subtitles files, this makes sense. When do you think the team might implement metadata inheritance as well? I primarily do library organization via folder naming (keeping the media file naming the same as it was during downloading a certain video file or extracting it from a BR disc (usually making the naming not TMDB-friendly), and I’d imagine a lot of other people stick to that organizational convention as well.

For now, I would suggest changing your media file naming convention to include the year in which the movie was released as well. This should more-or-less eliminate misidentification by TMDB. Although it would be quite convenient if you could make Infuse use metadata/art from the source server, I don’t think I’ve seen that feature being planned to be implemented so it might take a long while (if it ever gets implemented to begin with).

This is not currently planned, but it looks like there is a suggestion thread for this you can follow here.

Thank you for the link! If it isn’t a complicated topic, would you be able to tell me what potential hurdles the team might face when attempting to implement such a feature? Just curious.

Thank you very much for your thoughts and inputs.

I basically have to say: I really take care a lot of building and preparing my library - and spend a lot of time doing this. And turn of all meta-fetching or new downloading. Each movie has its own well organized folder with necessary graphics and the correct nfo-file. I of course tested - before buying the lifetime license - and I’m really very happy with infuse. But there’s really no reason, that downloading of a correct “added” movie from my infuse library, changes poster or even changes the movie itself ::((
This results in a kind of mess.

So this - I have to still call it a bug - is not really solved and I hope this can be fixed soon. Thank you.

Is there hope this will be fixed?