Infuse causing high battery drain in macos

Due to some reason if we leave infuse on homescreen it will prevent mac from going to sleep and will drain a lot of battery. This has been happening since 2 months and this issue hasn’t been noticed till now.

How would you like it to work? Having the screen turn off while you’re watching?

Please re read what I have written in post, I am talking about while app is on homescreen not while watching.

ok, why would you leave infuse running if you’re not watching? Never noticed this since I only keep it (or most programs) running when I use it. On a laptop on battery anything running will use energy…

I keep infuse in full screen so I switch desktop from trackpad if i am doing something. sometime i am about to watch something so i open infuse which is homescreen of it even if i switch to other desktop infuse prevents mac from going into sleep. same happens if its open in same desktop, display will never turn off as if we are watching a movie (i am talking about home of infuse)
if we talk about any other player, if we are just in menu it will let the app sleep, but in infuse it treats as if something is playing.

What version number of Infuse and what MacOS version?

What power saver settings?

What about if you minimize the app? There is also an app the I use call App Tamer. It can stop an app that is not in front. It’s still open but not running. App Tamer works really well.

So could Kleenex. :clown_face:

Infuse is from app store : Version 7.4.7 (7.4.4283)
MacOS : Ventura 13.1 Beta 22C5033e
What power saver? It has only Low Power Mode which is set to Never (else slow ui if on power saver)

I reported about this back then as well but it was overlooked

Infuse will keep the computer awake if it’s actively indexing files or updating your library.

This will be unlimited time if connected to power. If on battery, it will be limited to 5 minutes.

You can view the indexing status in Settings > Library.

I am not sure if indexing on power is being limited to 5 mins for me as it keeps my screen on for long time even tho my device screen off time is 2 mins. on power it is 10 mins. but even if i was on battery display stays on if I keep infuse open in home area.