Infuse + Carbridge + CarPlay = Joyful Roadtrip

I’m sure some of if not most of you know that as of recent, iOS 12 was jailbroken and that opened options to users being able to truly enjoy iOS devices to the fullest. For me in particular, having a fully functional and perfect playback infuse for road trips has made Infuse, that much more enjoyable for me.

Tested and fully functional on my 2019 BMW X5 M40i (At&t built in HotSpot with unlimited data streams HD, Full HD, 4K, HDR movies without any delay from my Synology DS918+ Server)

Dolby Digital 5.1: Works
DTS 5.1: Works
Dolby 7.1 Atmos: Down Mixed to Dolby Digital 5.1
DTS-X 7.1 Master Audio: Down Sampled to Dolby Digital 5.1

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Wow! :exploding_head:

This. Is. Amazing.

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Hi, how did you get this working?
You need to crack the system on your iphone. This is illegal and you lose your phone warranty.
Question - why Infuse developers don’t legally introduce Infuse 6 to Car Play?

CarPlay support isn’t based on the developer but rather Apple. It’s like Siri and TV app support on the Apple TV. Apple is the gate keeper of all and they call the shots on a lot of these integrations.

You do not need to “Crack” your system. This isn’t a PC and we don’t live in 1999 anymore to download apps on limewire or use “Warez” to crack apps.

Jailbreaking isn’t illegal in the United States. Fact check and no it doesn’t void your warranty.

Very simple:
Jailbreak any iOS device from iOS 10.3.3-12.1.2
Download and install CarBridge
Assign Infuse as an app that you would like to function on CarPlay
Enjoy watching Infuse in any screen format that your car’s display is running with full screen movie playback. :slight_smile:

My ios - 12.2 ???

I hear you on that. I hope they have an updated jailbreak for 12.2 soon. My wife accidentally upgraded her iPhone X to the latest firmware and lost her Jailbreak. She specifically liked using it for setting the Home app on the CarPlay to be able to open and close our garage and turn the lights on and off directly from her car infotainment screen.

thx :slight_smile: u opened my mind :slight_smile: