Infuse can't see my Win 7 machine anymore

The infuse app suddenly not work.
However, it is not quite true, both my win10 machine and my Nass have no problems with Infuse, but for approx. 1 month ago infuse would no longer see my win 7 machine.
However, it is not quite right either. It sees the machine, but only a “fake” drive, as it shows something that is not right. see picture.
I’ll get the “acces” dinead for all maps and drives, exsept for the music folder. This folder works normally.
I mainly use infuse to watch my downloaded movies on my apple tv 4k. But my iphone can either see my “real” machine. I have the feeling that it is the infuse app that stores some kind of configuration file that it does not update.For the sake of sake, I installed the plex app to see if it could find my win 7 machine. It could NOT, or rather, show exactly the same copy of the drives that infuse shows? - strange !!!
Someone who has a solution to the problem ?
I tried also to delete the infuse app on my iphone to install it a little bit later. exactly the same result. show only fake drive.
Would it be and idea to delete all infuse app’s (all devises) to se if it solves the problem ?

Kind regards

I don’t remember where I saw it but on another forum someone said a windows 7 security update broke file sharing for them. Have you tried changing samba/SMB settings in Infuse from auto to legacy? That might work.

The KB for the patch is KB4480970. You could try removing the security “fix” to see if things get corrected.

Based on a few other reports, it seems the Windows update may have adjusted sharing/security settings which can affect Infuse’s ability to access your files.

To start, I’d walk through setting up file sharing in Windows again, just to make sure everything is set correctly. A guide which may help with this can be found here.

Note: Sharing permissions must be set for the “Everyone” profile manually in order for Infuse to be able to access shared folders.