Infuse Can't See My MP3 Files

I have thousands of OTR (Old Time Radio) shows and love to listen to them and they’re on my media server on my LAN. I’m using the latest (just downloaded it a couple weeks ago) Infuse Pro 6 on an iPhone 6S.

I navigated to the folder on my server with all my Jack Benny shows (over 460 episodes) and Infuse tells me there are no files there at all. I know they’re there, I double-checked on my iMac and played one to double-check, but Infuse says there are no files there.

My first guess is that Infuse doesn’t list files below a certain bitrate or something like that. OTR recordings are notoriously low quality, since the source is the old aircheck tapes that were made decades ago. Would that make a difference?

Why would Infuse not list these files and is that something I can change in preferences?

Infuse doesn’t play audio only files like MP3.

Thanks. While that’s not the kind of answer I wanted to hear, at least I know what’s going on.

Any idea if audio-only will ever be added?

I honestly don’t know. You can keep an eye out on the upcoming features page here to see if it pops up in the future.

Thank you!

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