Infuse can't play anything from HDD attached to router

Given a WD N750 router with a HDD attached to USB port, ATV2 with 5.3 tethered JB and aTVFlash 2.3

I can access the HDD as SMB share…although it randomly times out for some reason, even when testing connection.
Metadata loads fine but no single video file, no matter what the format, can be played by Infuse.

Can you please re-include the old Firecore Mediaplayer (which i heard had great performance) in the next aTVFlash 2.3.1? :slight_smile:
Until Infuse is sorted out for the ATV2 please give us more options. Most users have some sort of external HDD storage, either NAS or routers with USB ports and right now Infuse can’t handle DLNA or simple SMB streaming.