Infuse can't play any MKV's from wireless HD.

Other media players, such as Nvideo, and Moliplayer have no problems playing MKV’s minus DTS audio. Infuse can’t play anything but mp4’s and avi’s.

iPhone 6+ running 8.1, and i’ve done the IAP to unlock the feature to play DTS on mkv’s.

Every MKV, encoded with DTS or not, gives me “An error occurred loading this content”

Have to say i’m a bit frustrated, as a co worker claims it works with his MKV’s unmodified.

I also can’t even get to SMB shares on my main server (OS X Mavericks server via SMB)

Overall, infuse 3 is an incredible disappointment to my workflows.

I’m not having any problems playing MKV files, and I’ve got SMB working. Maybe try reinstalling the app?

I’ve tried that, also to be clear; I don’t have problems with all smb shares just the ones on my Mavericks server. My wireless hd uses samba and I’m able to connect fine, same with my raspberry pi.