Infuse can't play 4K media

I get an error 500 each time I try to play 4k media from my Plex Server and I don’t know why. An error pops up on Infuse but there is no further info for debugging or finding the root cause. I am running Infuse: 7.8.4860 (r602921037007a7beeb20da73a454460134ae99ac) in my Mac Book Pro M1 (Late 2021) but I got the same issue from my iPhone, my iPad and any AppleTv I have at home so the problem must be coming from Infuse. I can play the 4k content using the Plex app for Mac, iOS, iPad, ATV devices which means the problem might not be the Plex Server

Here are some pics of the issue:

Can I get some help to find out what is going on and how this can be fixed? Maybe I am missing some configuration

This post may have some tips that will help.

Also the rest of the thread has other ideas that may be affecting your play.

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Ups the very first solution did the trick for some reason I lose those settings and I did not noticed before

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