Infuse can't load and sync Plex Media Server's Continue watching and presets

  1. Infuse can’t load and sync Plex media server subtitle track and audio track presets.
    If I have set both presets on the Plex media server, I can automatically get the presets on the Plex client app. Press Play to get the correct subtitle track and audio track. Because infuse can’t inherit, it needs to be changed manually.

  2. In addition, I found the “Continue watching” in infuse will not be synchronized to the Plex media server.

These do not exist on Plex for Kodi’s plug-in, and MrMC’s Plex plug-in also works fine.
I hope Infuse can improve.

tvOS 11.3
infuse 5.7.1

Number 2 on your list is on their roadmap

Thanks for the feedback.

Infuse will current rely on the Audio/Subtitle options found in Settings, or those selected from the Playback Menu while a video is playing.

We’re planning to have Continue Watching syncing available in the 5.7.2 update. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the 5.7.2 release!

By the way, Audio/Subtitle options can load Plex Media Server’s presets, it’s a very useful feature for Non-English speaking areas.