Infuse can't find Ninja Scroll, the TV series

Infuse doesn’t recognize Ninja Scroll no matter what I do.

Here is the series on TVDB

Season 1

The main folder is
TV Shows/Ninja Scroll/Season 1

My naming convention for the episodes are:
Ninja Scroll: The Series 2003 S01E01 Tragedy in the Hidden Village.mkv

I’ve also tried
Ninja Scroll 2003 S01E01 Tragedy in the Hidden Village.mkv
Ninja Scroll 1 Tragedy in the Hidden Village.mkv
Ninja Scroll_ S01E01 Tragedy in the Hidden Village.mkv

Nothing seems to work. The 13 episodes show up in the ‘other’ folder in Library

Any help would be appreciated. Infuse has managed to locate and properly display my entire movie/TV collection but is unable to properly display Ninja Scroll even though it does exist on TVDB.

Edit: there is also a 'Ninja Scroll movie which came out in 1993 (the TV series came out in 2003). I don’t know if Infuse is confused with the movie and TV series being the same name.

Try this: TV Shows/Ninja Scroll (2003) Season 1

Thanks for the reply.

So make the folder like this:
TV Shows/Ninja Scroll (2003)
TV Shows/Ninja Scroll (2003)/Season 1

And the episode like this:
Ninja Scroll (2003) S01E01 Tragedy in the Hidden Village


Main folder: Ninja Scroll (2003) Season 1
Episodes: Ninja Scroll S01E01 (No year needed, no episode description)

Thanks. Will give this a go tonight :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

FileNaming conventions

Infuse uses tvdb for tv shows. In tvdb the show is named “Ninja Scroll”. so

tv shows/ninja scroll/season 01/ninja scroll s01e01.mkv

should do just fine

Didn’t work :frowning:

Folder Name: Ninja Scroll
File Name(s): Ninja Scroll s01e01.mkv

Do an edit metadata on any one episode and type in the search bar: Ninja Scroll

That will bring up only one choice and it’s the one your looking for, click on that.

Note you HAVE to type in the full two words in the search bar NINJA SCROLL for it to find it. Don’t know why, just know it works. I tried it and it works like a charm.

Edit to add:

Just tried “Ninja Scroll The Series” for folder and Ninja Scroll The Series S01E01.mkv" for the file and it seems to find it right away without having to do an edit. Mignt be worth a try first.

I had no idea you could type in the search bar.
When I click on ‘Edit Metadata’, it brings up a ton of titles with ‘Ninja’ but I had no idea you could actually type in a search term. Will try this the first chance I get. Thanks :slight_smile:

Neil, please try Ninja Scroll The Series for folder and file name first.

See the Edit I added to my above post.

Will do :slight_smile:

That didn’t work for me (“Ninja Scroll The Series” for folder and Ninja Scroll The Series S01E01.mkv" for the file). I also tried typing in Ninja Scroll in the search bar but it only brought up the movie. I clicked it and it changed the video info to the Ninja Scroll movie. Nothing comes up for the Ninja Scroll TV series.

Did you change the file name to “Ninja Scroll S01E01.mkv”? If you have the year following the name before the S01E01 it will look at movies first usually.

I did. As you can see with the enclosed photos. It finds the background but nothing else.




I thought you’d try just Ninja scroll for the name without the “The Series”.

I’ve tried that, doesn’t work.
I’m going to have to accept that Infuse can’t find Ninja Scroll (TV series) despite being on TVDB.

Infuse can find it. Just have to label the files with the Ninja Scroll S01E01 without the year before the season/episode and the folder named Ninja Scroll.

Then do an edit metadata and type in Ninja Scroll in the metadata search box.

That’s what I did for the file labeled “Test File S01E03.mkv” and it gave it the right name and metadata.


I actually managed to get it to work. The weird thing is if I included ‘Scroll’ in the episode title, when I used the manual search ‘Ninja Scroll 2003’ would not appear, only ‘Ninja Scroll 1993’. Once I removed ‘Scroll’ (Ninja S01E01.mkv) it found the episodes and I didn’t even need to edit metadata.

Glad you got it working. Don’t know what to tell you about the word scroll.