Infuse can't find anime metadata

Infuse can’t seem to find the metadata for an anime named “To Love-Ru”. I’ve renamed the files many time in many different ways and that usually work, but not for this one. I know I can do it manually but I hate having to do that. Any ideas on how to fix this issue or what i’m doing wrong?


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There are a few cases we’re working to improve fetching, and one of these has to do with series titles that contain dashes.

To resolve this, you can either use the Edit option in Infuse and search for the series name (you’ll only need to edit one episode out of the series). Alternatively, you can rename your files and remove the dash.

EG To LoveRu_1x01.mkv

It worked! I can’t believe I never tried that. Also same thing with other anime like “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”. I wrote the files as Kaguya-sama Love Is War_1x01.mkv and It couldn’t find it so I tried out Love Is War_1x01.mkv and it was able to get it. I never knew about the dash thing back then so I just wrote it that way and turns out it works that way.

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