Infuse can't connect

Infuse Pro 7.0.1 (3612)

As of a few days ago Infuse has not updated my lists of content. Today it doesn’t seem to be able to connect to my main Windows machine which I use to serve video files from a folder. As far as I know, nothing has changed with my Windows machines other than a Windows update like it does every week. I deleted Infuse from the Apple TV4K, retained the subscription info, and then reinstalled it. That didn’t make any difference. I’m at a loss as to why it suddenly doesn’t work. My Windows machines are all set to enable use of SMB 1 if needed, just like they have always been.

I just glad I have an Oppo so I can actually watch content but I’d really like to get this app working again.


For the share are you using a name like pc.local or an IP address? If it’s an IP address you may want to make sure the PC didn’t get issued a new one when it restarted. A static IP is best if you haven’t set one up for it.

No, just a folder called Videos. And I should have added above that this problem started when I signed up for the beta releases. That was another reason I deleted and then reinstalled the app.

And again, this all worked fine until just recently.

It’s acting like the Infuse app can’t find the computers housing the files.

Other apps like MrMC find the computers just fine.

Where you have the share set up in Infuse, what do you have in Shares > Saved Shares > (select the share where your videos are) > Edit Share > [Address]

What do you have in the Address block?

Also in the advanced section below that do you have the MAC address entered?

The address entry is MAIN which is the name of Win computer that houses the 1 Videos folder.

The MAC address is showing all zeros.

It could be a DNS issue. Use the IP address instead of the machine name.

Also assign static IPS to any computers hosting files to prevent issues

So. I used the IP address and created a new share named “MAIN” which is the name of the computer I’m having problems connecting to and it finally worked. It’s odd because I know I didn’t do this on the original install of Infuse way back when and I haven’t needed to do it with the other Win10 machine that I use files from, it automatically showed up in the list of the available shares and connected automatically.

Bottom line, it’s now working so thanks for the IP idea, I just wish I knew why I had to do that when I didn’t need to originally.

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Often, if you restart your PC and it tries to reconnect to the router the router may have a timed lease on the Name/IP the PC was using so it sees a new request and issue it a new name/IP since the lease hasn’t expired yet. As long as you set the static IP for your PC it should not have that problem again so make sure to reserve that IP for your PC. :wink:

It’s just weird because I never used a static IP on either computer and it’s worked for years that way.

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