Infuse can't connect to plex server

Everything was working fine, had plex server running on a macbook pro, accessed with infuse on apple tv 4k, all on wifi. Didn’t have enough speed for my 4k movies so i now have the server computer and the apple tv connected via ethernet to a dumb network switch. On the plex app i can now stream 4k films no problem, but infuse will no longer connect to the share. I do have wifi on still both to allow connection and control of the server via a second laptop and to stream in a secondary room via wifi (no ethernet option there). Plex app again works just fine. But I’d much rather use infuse than the plex app.

What settings should i look into to get infuse to connect to the share? Infuse finds it but wont play files or allow a speed test, i simple get “an error occurred” notice. I tried creating a new share but that didn’t change anything. Any help?

Try Disabling wifi on your MacBook. It shouldnt be needed so long as your dumb switch is connected to your main router (which it should be).

I tried that, didn’t work. I will need wifi on for the secondary room which doesn’t have a wired connection. The plex app connects just fine to both the wired and wireless apple tv’s.