Infuse Cannot Load Content

I’ve recently subscribed to Infuse pro on my apple TV 4K.

I’ve got two hard drives set up running through my Apple Airport extreme. All the files loaded and were organized correctly, and the ones I tested (various 1080, 4k, 720 Videos) worked great. The only issue I had initially was the poster art for Big Little Lies wasn’t in English, but that didn’t both me.

After a couple of days I noticed that random files when you try to play them give you either the loading icon, then display the Cannot load content screen or a 6 hour plus video that had a black screen and audio from a completely different show or movie.

I went through movie by movie and TV show by show to find out what would play and what wouldn’t through Infuse to see if there was a pattern or naming issue I’d messed up on. but I found that It was a random collection of what worked and didn’t, and it was files from both hard drives that were giving me errors.

I unplugged both Hard drives from my router and into my Mac Mini and all the files played correctly through VLC, so I know the files are there and play properly, I thought maybe that my airport extreme could only handle one hard drive so I plugged only one of them in and it gave me the same errors on the files in infuse.

Is this anything anyone’s experienced before, I am new to this so hopefully it’s just something that I’ve done incorrect.

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Have you tried using your mac mini as the server and connecting Infuse to it for the shares?

Were you by chance using DLNA to connect to your router?

I have thought about using the mini for the shares, but didn’t want to leave the computer on 24/7.

I’m not not entirely sure what DLNA is, but I’ve plugged the hard drives via UBS into the back of the airport

I meant to use the mini to test Infuse instead of the router. DLNA in one of the available protocols in Infuse you can use to transfer videos. SMB, FTP, etc are other protocols. SMB is usually the prefered method.

Have you seen the users guide for setting up streaming? Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore

I do have it set up using the SMB protocol, and its SMB version is set to auto

I’d say to first try the mini as the server and use SMB auto. That’d help rule out the router as the issue if it persists. I’d also try SMB 2 instead of auto. Then try Legacy. Auto should work but occasionally using “2” or “Legacy” matches better.

Getting random audio and black screen doesn’t sound like an Infuse problem.

When you have the drives connected to the router could you use VLC on the ATV to play the files?

Just brainstorming a bit.

I tried the hard drives hooked into the mini mac, and the mostly played properly, so it must be a router issue.

It still confuses me with it being that, I could completely understand it if it had trouble playing the largest 4K files, but when it does it on random files of every size and format.

Try only connecting one drive to router. It might be a processor/USB bandwidth issue.

If the files played correctly when connected to the mini then you may want to go back to the router and try SMB 2 and see if that helps, if not try 1, if the same then try legacy. If none of that helps then it could be a router issue. One other thought, there could be a cable problem surfacing too.