Infuse cannot find subtitles for PLEX movies


My problem is, if I open a movie or series episode from a plex share in infuse I cannot get subtitles automatically downloaded, however, if I use any network sharing, like SMB or SFTP or FTP I can download subtitles for the exact same movie file.

I have 2 iPhones, 2 iPad, ATV4 all running the latest infuse without any other issues.

Does anybody else experienced issue like this?
Is it expected behaviour with PLEX as the media source in Infuse?


Are you using Plex’s TMDb based metadata fetching, or are you using manual/embedded metadata in Plex.

For a bit of background, Infuse uses the IMDb ID for searching for subtitles. This is added automatically when using SMB, NFS, etc… and will be fetched from Plex, if it’s available there. However, if you’re using your own metadata in Plex, this ID may not be available so fetching subtitles will not work.

Hi James,

I am using auto scanning/matching in Plex by default settings.
Only if the movie is not matched properly, I click on fixing the match and looking for the movie/series manually entering the title, but it is again from central movie database. So I do not use my own metadata, I just pull it from Plex sources.

Could you suggest a scenarion how should I set plex to make it working?
Should I add IMDB agent plugin to make the subtitles working?