Infuse cannot find Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045

Infuse cannot find the Netfix anime series “Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045”, is there anyway to make it find the pictures and subtitles etc

Here is what I tried for file names

Here’s what I got for the Series display in Infuse

And here’s what I got for Season 3 which is the most current

Note that even with the file names of “Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 S01E01”
it still translated to “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex” so you may also have luck with “Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex S01E01” for file and folder name of “Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex”.

Edit to add: This ties back to the TVDB page here
It appears that " SAC_2045" is actually Season 3 of " Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex" Note the season names on the first page of the TVDB link.

Well I changed the file folder on my NAS to season 3 and the files to

“Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045 - S03E01” etc and it all worked fine.

When I opened up Ghost in the Shell in Infuse, season 3 showed the 2045 picture and when I opened season 3 all the episodes showed the pictures and information as it should

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