Infuse cannot add Plex as Media Server properly;Stuck on refreshing without detecting any video from server; indexing failed shown

Hi all:

Recently my old Nvidia shield tv stopped working so I got a brand new one. After I setup the PMS on the new device, I usually load it up via plex app on my new 2021 ATV 4K and check to see if the library works okay. Everything works fine there so I installed Infuse and start to add the library. After logging in plex and linking, the library was saved. But for some reason, it stuck at refreshing library forever. Infuse kept showing that it is fetching content from pms but it stuck there for a good 5-10 mins before it stopped and then shows that indexing failed on pms. What I don’t understand is the pms content can be read properly via plex app and why infuse cannot read it properly. I’ve never had this issue before. My tvOS is up to date as well as infuse 7 and plex app. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

Okay I did some further testing and here is what I found. If I only add my tv shows, instead of my movie library, it can process the library successfully. The difference between my movie and tv library is the size. I have about 70 tv series but I have nearly 3000 movies. And I believe this may have something to do in the library favorite setting. Currently I unchecked the movie from pms and infuse starts to scan the tv library without any issue. But if I add favorite of movies, then indexing failed shows up again.

Double checked and pretty sure it is the movie library caused all the indexing failed issue. The way tv and movie library’s used in setup are identical and I cannot figure out why it cannot read movie library properly. The other thing I can think of is that the movie library is composed of 5-6 hard drives and the tv library is only 1 hard drive.

Maybe one of the 5 or 6 drives has an issue that Infuse can’t deal with.

Have you tried playing a movie from each of the 5 or 6 drives with the plex app? Maybe one will fail.

We have one similar issue on our radar, and this may be related.

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your device and post the 5 digit code here?

I’m having a similar problem here also. “Indexing failed on Plex Server”. I noticed it yesterday, and it must have started in the past 3 or 4 days, I think. No more than 7. I submitted a diagnostic log. My 5-digit code is WBBP6.