Infuse cannot access favorites until they are recreated (Synology NAS)


I’m using the latest version of Infuse Pro on my Apple TV 4K to play content from my Synology NAS.

Now I have the issue that when I create ‘favorites’ I can only use these as long as I don’t leave the Infuse app (or so it seems). The next time I start the Infuse app I cannot access the favorite / folder anymore but when I remove and add the exact same favorite it works again. Any thoughts on this?

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Are you connecting your NAS using a fixed IP address by chance? If so, this address may actually change if/when the NAS or other network hardware is restarted.

If this happens again, can you send us a report from your device?

I noticed I used the wrong term in my first post; I meant ‘favorite’ instead of ‘share’.

My DiskStation is a ‘saved share’ and I select one of the shared folders of the DiskStation as a ‘favorite’ in the Infuse Pro app. After adding the favorite I go back to the main screen where I can enter the favorite folder and view the contents. After restarting the Infuse app the ‘favorite’ does not work anymore and after a while I get the message: ‘An error occurred’.

When I then remove the favorite and add it again (during this process there are no connection issues and I can see all folders) and then I can enter the favorite folder and view its contents without any issues. Please let me know if you need more information on this.

As for your question, no, I am not using a fixed ip-address but the regular server name.