Infuse can’t stream from Mac to iPad. But it can stream from Mac to iPhone

I have Mac, iPad and iPhone. Infuse on iPhone works well. But infuse on the iPad doesn’t work at all. What can possibly go wrong? All these gadgets use the same WiFi.

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Several things can cause problems.

Are you on the same user ID in Infuse?

Are you on the same Apple ID?

Do you have iCloud sync enabled?

Did you enter the share info on the one not working or are you letting iCloud transfer the set up info?

What version of Infuse? What version of iOS on each device?

How are you sharing? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

Yes, It’s the same Apple ID. But I am not sure where I can find user ID on Infuse.

Icloud sync is enabled on both iPad and iPhone.

I know nothing about how iCloud can transfer the set up info.

Infuse version 6.5.5 on iPad. iPadOS is 14.2
On iPhone infuse version the same 6.5.5. iOS 14.2.

I’m sharing with SMB from my Mac.