Infuse can never find my Windows 11 network share

I’m using the new Apple TV 4K, and this was the same with the previous model as well… I can’t get Infuse to find my share. It used to access my network long ago, but then there was a random patch and I lost access permanently. Now I just get errors for even trying. If I go to “add folder” it says “empty folder, nothing to see here”

Is there a good method to get direct sharing from my PC to my Apple TV 4K through Infuse? Most other things notice my network share. Not sure why it gets kinda weird with Infuse…

There’s a setup guide in the users guide area with notes specific to Win 11. I’d suggest following through the guide and the Win 11 notes. :wink:

Did all that long ago and it didn’t change a thing unfortunately.

You didn’t say what you had tried so we try to give you a starting point.

Did you follow the link to the different thread discussing Win 11 from the users guide?

I only see one post in the link… This was also an issue on Windows 10, so maybe mentioning Windows 11 might not be the best focus. Not sure honestly.