Infuse cache deleted because of full storage


Due to a lack of space on my 64G apple TV, TVOS has removed all the infused cache to make room. I had the bad surprise of opening infuse and ending up with a completely empty library.

I have 2 questions :

  • Apple TV is a “Streaming device”, meaning that storage is used only to store application but not the content. Is it possible to have an option in the futur to stream all metadata and artwork from an external storage (icloud, NAS, …) ? After all, Netflix and all other movies/TV show app does not store any metadata or artwork in the apple TV storage.

  • I had to wait for infuse to get all metadata and artwork again, an I had to apply same correction again. I am using Infuse 5 pro. Will the icloud library synchronization feature in Infuse 6 pro solve this problem ?

NB : the reason why my Apple TV ran out of space is because of the photo screensaver. I activated a screensaver on an album containing more than 10 000 photos. The Apple TV screensaver fills the storage with the photos it reads and stores them in storage instead of purging them. I hope Apple will fix that one day.

Thank you for your help

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