Infuse buffers when starting files cached by Real Debrid

Whenever I use webdav or just play a real debrid file on infuse, there is very significant buffering before the video starts, and also when trying to move to a different part of the video. I’m pretty sure it can’t be a network issue because it works seamlessly on outplayer, but I still prefer infuse for its ui and features. Is there anyway that I could fix this issue, ive tried playing around with the streaming cache but i cant find a solution

Can you try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are able to get?

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I got a 137 mbps average. I’m sure it can’t be a network issue as this issue doesn’t occur with other video players.

Can you post a pic of the graph when you let the scan complete for one of the trouble files?

Are there meant to be these many dips?

The little ones yes, the big one no. But maybe some thing else was stealing bandwidth all of a sudden?

Still, your average should be enough to play 4K Blu-ray’s

That’s the thing. My wifi’s been used to stream from other video players, it’s just with infuse that i’m having a 10 second buffer before the file actually plays. I’m wondering if this is specifically an infuse issue, because it does seem like one. I can also provide a video of the same file playing on outplayer aswell if that helps

Any update? having similar issues even with fast speed test results