Infuse Buffering Problem

When i stream movie from my SMB Nas usinf Infuse on APTV after 20’30 min I receive message BUFFERING and watching stop.
I must close and restar Infuse to continue to watch.
How can I solve this Issue _

I had this issue as well, except that it would happen more randomly than your post. It would buffer about 2 or 3 times before informing me that the media could not be played.

For me it turned out to be a local network related problem, and by replacing the router I have not had the issue again.

If you can maybe try a wired connection directly to your NAS and see if that improves things before going out and spending money on new hardware…

Thanks …

I’ve a Frit!Box and APT2 and NAS are directly connected via cable to fritz!box.
Port are enebled to 1Gb speed… so I think it is not a router problem … :frowning:

Sounds like a pretty solid setup. I guess a couple of things to remember:

  1. The Apple TV is only a 100mbps device over Ethernet and 65mbps device over WiFi, regardless of the speed of your router.
  2. Check the size and compression of your media. I found that something like the raw Big Buck Bunny file doesn’t play nicely on the Apple TV.

Is this something that has developed recently and an issue which exclusively presents itself with specific files or does it happen for all files?

I will check …
The problem is with many mkv - avi files … files that have more 1Gb dimension

Most of my movies are between 2-3GB in size each, so that doesn’t sound like it would be a file size issue.

You could try restoring the Apple TV software, however if that doesn’t fix the issue I would be inclined to think the issue lies either on the NAS or network side of the setup.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot