Infuse buffering on Apple TV 4K


I create a new topic here to signal an issue with My Apple TV 4K and Infuse.
I send a report: SKQRS

My problems : when I play MKV files (4K HDR files, average 50Go) the player freeze with a buffering signal, before all My files play very good, and now play a movie it’s not possible. During a movie I meet the buffering problem 10 Times or more.
My connection os in Ethernet with a Synology NAS. To Play a movie with the player include in My OLED Panasonic it works without buffering, si why My Apple TV have this issue???

Edit : I make a speed test:

And this is the result:

Thanks for your help.


Based on the numbers in the speed test, that is not quite enough to stream 4K as you have found out. Potentially, could you try swapping out different ethernet cables. What connection do you have to your NAS? Plex, nfs, sub, etc?

Also, what version of tvOS and infuse are you running?

My Synology is In Ethernet cable and I use nfs connection. Do you think thé Ethernet cable can explain this ? Why before all working very good and now not?

I will try to change all My Ethernet cable and I return here to report The change or not.

Thanks for your help


I have a 4 foot high end Ethernet cable that I’ve now tied in a knot and put “Out of Order” tags on both end because it was installed on the back of a rack where there was no movement and it worked great for months until one day the max data rate it could handle decreased by about 80%. It just failed but only partially. That one took some time to find.

Swapping out (even temporarily) a cable is a good test and easy.

Hello everybody, I found where was My problem !!!:joy::joy::joy:
The cause was my old Apple Airport, I connected My Synology to the free port I have on this one, and I never mind if it could Be bad or not to my media stream, and now like you can see on my speed test everything is perfect.

Thank you a lot for your help.




That may be the culprit. Weren’t some of the older Airport routers 10Mb Ethernet ports?

Glad you’re up and running again!

My Aiport is a Airport Express last generation.

The last airport express is I believe are only 100 Mb. You had to get the extremes to get gigabit

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