Infuse behaves weird when the Plex server is acting up

I have Plex server running no a 2011 Mac mini, which is having some sleep issues. Infuse on my Apple TV can wake up the Plex server as expected, but the server often goes to sleep again after 30 seconds. Now, the server should not do that, but I haven’t had time to reset it completely.

What I do have observed when server goes quickly to sleep, is that sometimes Infuse seems to expect data from the server, but doesn’t get it, and then Infuse gets confused. Playback starts, but then stops after ~30s. You can let it run with a spinning wheel on screen, and sometimes it runs forever, and sometimes it succeeds in waking up the server again and start playback.
If you exit the movie, and try to restart playback, you sometimes succeed, and sometimes not. If the latter, then the Infuse interface doesn’t respond to the play button being pressed. The button animation is there, but Infuse never transitions to trying to fetch the movie (ie. black screen with spin wheel).
You can then exit to the library, and if the server is acting up, you can select other movies, and get the same behavior as above. Sometimes, you can even end up selecting one movie in the library, but Infuse will then show the information of one of the previous movies you have selected!
These things will continue until the Plex server wakes up.

Not a major issue as my server clearly needs a reset, but I think there’s room for a bit of improvement as to when Infuse expects and gets data, contra not.