Infuse Audio Question

Everything on my aTV2 is working fine. I use to run all my movies on my external drive through xbmc. However, due to an issue with the hard drive going into sleep mode and no good way to wake it up without a lot of steps, I started use infuse after I heard it has been updated and works good. All in all, it works great!! The issue I am having though is, some of my movies have 2 audio tracks that I selected when ripping. The reasoning behind it was I didn’t know what one would sound best and so forth so I selected the 5.1 and one that was marked as Dolby. Well, when I play one of these movies, it defaults to Dobly but is the one with the narrative for the blind. The only way I can find to get it to 5.1 is to hold the select button after it starts and manually select 5.1. Is there away for it to default to 5.1 first then a different after? Or am I SOL?