Infuse audio passthrough option

Hi, I have a apple tv with tvos 14 (last build). My infuse version 6.5 (3234) with anual pro subscription. Where I can find audio passthrough option in infuse configuration? Thanks!

you can’t. Apple doesn’t support passthrough on tvOS.

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Ok, but infuse can decode dolby atmos audio? Any configuration is required? Thank you again!

Infuse only supports the same atmos standard that Netflix and iTunes content uses which is Dolby digital plus with atmos. If you are trying to play a bluray rip you’re SOL as those use Dolby TrueHD with Atmos which the AppleTV cannot support. In those instances atmos is ignored and the TrueHD is converted to PCM.

If you want Dolby atmos from bluray rips to play you’re going to have to look at buying something other than an AppleTV.

Thanks JarvisMeier, apple tv limitation. I have amazon fire tv 4k, infuse works on it with atmos support?

No infuse is an Apple exclusive. You’ll have to look at other services such as setting up an emby or Plex server; or using Kodi/MrMC.

Ok, thank you JarvisMeier.