Infuse ATV - TV Shows - No metadata on Swedish titles

Trying out Infuse for my ATV.

All of my movies are fetching Metadata, and works great!

Now to my problem. I have a lot of TV Shows for my daughter and alla of them have the Swedish names. The metadata are fetched and applied correctly in Infuse for iPad and XBMC on ATV. For example, following TV Shows are without metadata for the moment in Infuse for ATV.

Pippi Långstrump (1969)
Alfons Åberg
Vi på Saltkråkan

Would be great if I could choose language for fetching metadata from ThTVDB and TheMovieDB to my shared folders as in XBMC.

Fetching is a little different in the Apple TV version, as you will need to set the ‘content type’ for your TV show folders.

More info on doing this can be found here.

Hi James, the content type is set to TV Shows, all of the other TV Shows are correct, the ones with english names and the ones with booth english and swedish translations in TheTvDB. The shows that are not feetching metadata are the ones with swedish names only in TheTVDB.

Problem 2
The recently added are not working, it’s not showing the newly added episodes and movies.

Problem 3
Seems like there is a problem with scaning or something else. Every time the scanning starts and I navigate to, for example TV Shows, its showing up empty. I have my nas connected directly to my ATV and are using SMB. I also have XBMC on the ATV and have never had this problem.