Infuse ATV - Recently added not working

Newly added movies and TV shows are not showing up under recently added?

Any quick fix for this?

I have the same problem with “Recently added…” in Infuse (Media Player). It shows pictures that I don’t know where it come from :frowning: Where those “Recently added” media info are stored ?

I changed my library share from SMB to AFP, after that recently added started working!

Its not working at all for me. Infuse 5, ATV4, DS415+, using FTP with custom port.

I have an issue and I’m hoping someone here can possibly help.
One atv2 in kitchen tv, one in main room tv, both fed off Stora NAS (Old Skool Model).
Also iMac set up as a share, both NAS and Mac set up as AFP, when ATV’s are scanning to update library, either with NAS or Mac, the ATV’s restart, whilst fetching metadata but AFTER scanning for content changes, either when set to autoscan or manual fetch. Error mssg then comes up after an ATV restart “Scan did not complete etc., if the problem persists please contact Firecore Support” - sic. Do you want to resume scan “Cancel” or “Resume” - I have tried both options, when instructed to resume, restarts again. I’m 8 months out being able to redownload ATV Flash, could this be the start of a HDD failure on the NAS or ?? - I’ve no 3.5’s kicking around, but if the HDD I’ll seriously consider an upgrade to ATV4’s. Strange things - it’s only the metadata missing, and in setting it’s set to fetch and even more curious - Infuse Pro on the Ipads fetches the metadata off the NAS no problem …