Infuse aTV and aTV Flash Black

I wanted to start this topic to hopefully influence the fine folks of Infuse to put some thought into checking Infuse aTv against Infuse aTV Flash Black. There are definitely some gains for the new Infuse aTV, but there are a number of things aTV Flash Black had that the new Infuse aTV does not. Without some of the key components of aTV Flash Black, the only major gain with Infuse aTV is 1080p, making this a little bit of a step back functionally.

To me there is a distinct difference between preference and functionality. Me saying I liked the way something in aTV Flash Black looked better than it does in Infuse aTV is a preference. Meanwhile, the lack of a tool or option is a functionality conversation. Losing functionality from one product to another is a step back, not forward in my mind. In a lot of ways, Infuse aTV is a step forward, but I do feel some areas present a step back.

Here are my thoughts on the key components of aTV Flash Black that are missing from Infuse aTV:

  1. Support for .vob files - video files that contain a navigatable menu. This was a huge leg up on aTV Flash black competitors.
  2. Customized metadata and artwork - the ability for individual files and folders to possess custom artwork (both folder icon and description background) plus the ability to write your own metadata via .xml file. Technically Infuse aTV has it now, but it is spotty at best. This worked flawlessly on aTV Flash Black.
  3. List view - Grid View and List View were available on aTV Flash Black. Grid works great for movies, while List works for TV Shows. Now all we have is a Grid View.

What else are you finding aTV Flash Black possessed that Infuse aTV is currently lacking?

Ansolutely agree with you!

.vob and .iso should be playable as i still do on my atv2.

I do miss the option of using my own folder.jpg files as i currently do on my atv2. Made lots of these jpg’s for my home videos.

I’ll wait for it though…