Infuse as player for original iTunes content

Maybe this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find the specific topic. Is it possible for infuse to play original iTunes movies? The reason why I’m interested is that there are some movies on my US iTunes account that doesn’t have subtitles. Would it be possible to play those files directly on the ApppeTV from the iTunes server and add subtitles from a second source?

If not, would this be possible to stream from a Mac by iTunes file sharing and do the same. For clarification, these are original movies bought on iTunes, probably with some DRM on them?

Thanks for any help.

Since most iTunes content has DRM (anti piracy protection) players other than Apples players can not play them so Infuse probably can’t play them.

Here’s a previous thread concerning the same issue.

Was kind of afraid of that. In the other post it’s stated that Apple might allow third party players play their drm protected files. Is this still considered likely by the firecore team?

Also, does anyone know if you can force external subtitles to a drm protected file while playing on the AppleTV? That’s besides stripping the DRM of course which is something I think I want to avoid. Stripping HDR movies from drm would not preserve HDR I guess? If someone has some good experiences with it I would love to know.

Edit: never mind. I forgot that HDR movies are never downloaded to iTunes ever. If you download the iTunes version in iTunes you’ll end up in HD quality. Hopefully Infuse will be allowed the play from iTunes directly soon. Would be great if you can then add external subtitles.

Sadly, we don’t have much control over if/when Apple decides to allow 3rd party apps to play iTunes media with DRM.

In the past they have loosened up restrictions with music, but it’s hard to say if they will ever do the same with movies.

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