Infuse as a Plex Client

that’s the question i have raised, i am trying to understand how Infuse uses Plex, by direct play everything so it uses its own implementation to decode and playback? or just output Plex’s converted stream so it relies on Plex’s transcoding quality and NAS’ power.

i think @james has an answer.

btw, why i concerned about this? because this will provide me complete different options to upgrade my NAS. do i continue with low voltage, low power, fanless NAS? or switch to the one with preinstalled Plex license like Synology? I love the Plex’s centralized metadata database, but I don’t like its transcoding. If infuse has a way to force Plex to feed it with original data without converting, I will go with it.

Exactly! from my understanding is that infuse software decodes the video and audio if the codec is supported therefore it will direct play from the Plex server, it’s basically like the native ATV Plex app but that supports less codecs for direct play therefore needs to transcode.

But I could be completely wrong and James can tell you.

Look at the Direct Play section for the link you posted. “Media can be Direct Played on a device if the source media is compatible with the client’s playback capabilities…” Since Infuse (the client) can ‘Direct Play’ everything, there is no transcoding that will happen. The server will just send the client the file and the client will handle everything.

Infuse is going to Direct Play everything (at least initially… @james has said transcoding support will come in the future). You’ll be able to see this when you’re playing something in Infuse on the Plex Web app’s (or something like Tautulli which will give you a lot more information) ‘Now Playing’ section under status. It will show that everything, including all the 4K HDR UHD Remux movies, will be Direct Played.

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So this is what I had to do to get PLEX to directPlay 4K content to my AppleTV PLEX app.

I had to edit the file /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Resources/Profiles/tvOS.xml on the plex server and added these two VideoProfile lines in the DirectPlayProfiles section.

 <VideoProfile container=“mp4” codec=“hevc” audioCodec=“aac,ac3,eac3” subtitleCodec=“mov_text,tx3g,ttxt,text” />
 <VideoProfile container=“mp4” codec=“h265” audioCodec=“aac,ac3,eac3” subtitleCodec=“mov_text,tx3g,ttxt,text” />

and define the 2 new VideoCodec UpperBound in the CodecProfiles section

 <VideoCodec name=“hevc”>
   <UpperBound name=“video.width” value=“3840” isRequired=“true” />
   <UpperBound name=“video.height” value=“2160” isRequired=“true” />
   <UpperBound name=“video.bitDepth” value=“10” />
 <VideoCodec name=“h265”>
   <UpperBound name=“video.width” value=“3840” isRequired=“true” />
   <UpperBound name=“video.height” value=“2160” isRequired=“true” />
   <UpperBound name=“video.bitDepth” value=“10” />

This tells the PLEX server that if you see the AppleTV and the video you are trying to play match the newly defined VideoProfiles it should give it a go at DirectPlaying to the client. This is how the PLEX server know if a client is capable of direct play.

Thanks, this is very helpful. I bookmarked this…

is there any wildcard that I can define all format at one go? Or I have to define container and codec one by one?

And direct play supports external subtitles (SRT or ASS/SSA) right?

Yes you can define wild card in the VideoCodec section under CodecProfiles
<VideoCodec name=“*”>
<UpperBound name=“video.width” value=“3840” isRequired=“true” />
<UpperBound name=“video.height” value=“2160” isRequired=“true” />
<UpperBound name=“video.bitDepth” value=“10” />

but I’m not sure about the VideoProfile section under DirectPlayProfiles… you can double up to a single line like this also

<VideoProfile container=“mp4” codec=“hevc,h265” audioCodec=“aac,ac3,eac3” subtitleCodec=“mov_text,tx3g,ttxt,text” />

Subtitle is the bane of PLEX… From what I’ve seen, if there’s sub it’s going to Transcode (no 4k kungfu theater for me <sadface>).

Note that I remux my 4k files to the mp4 container with the codec listed in the VideoProfile line (which most are anyways), however mp4 support for subtitle is limited to stupid text type. You would need to rip out the nice modern sub type from the stream, convert it to text, and then re add it back to the new container as such. Personally I have not got this to work and has been that itch that I have not had to time to research and scratch. YMMV…

I can drop the way I remux my file here if anyone is interested…

Surely if you wanted to know about the Plex app you go to their Apple TV forum, lots of info about 4K hdr.

I used to convert using ffmpeg, and edit the TVOS.xml, but subtitles was a headache! SRT would transcode the video and audio.

You know 4K MKVs do direct stream now in the Plex app but only if you set display settings to 4K hdr 60fps.

Don’t know why anyone would bother though with the Plex app with 4K mkv videos when you can direct play with infuse.

Yes… I’m mostly done with 4K and the PLEX AppleTV app. It’s a pain and it does not work well. That’s why I’m here waiting for 5.7 to drop so that I can move to Infuse.

Changing that won’t have any affect on Infuse. Direct play with Infuse will support all of that without having to mess with profiles (or converting your files).

If not changing Plex profile, how does it know that a client player supports which format? Or when Infuse connects to Plex, it tells Plex to direct play?

The client is the one that determines what to play. So, since Infuse can play just about everything we won’t ever need to transcode.

However, transcoding is definitely useful in some cases like when streaming remotely and bandwidth is not in infinite abundance - so for this reason we are planning to implement optional transcoding features for a post-5.7 release.

Thanks James for the explanation, does this direct play also work when the video has external subtitle?

I’ve been stocking up on 4k content for weeks waiting on my new 82MU8000 to be delivered. Finally got here yesterday and I got everything hooked up only to find out the horribly truth that Plex support on Apple TV is garbage and it can’t direct stream.

My research got me here and I can’t be more excited to start using Infuse.

@James I’m not sure if beta testing is still happening, but I’d be very excited to help test what seems like an awesome project. Already blown away by the responsiveness I’m seeing in this thread. No way that would ever happen with Plex.

To say I’m looking forward to this is an understatement.

I’m awaiting the arrival of my Apple TV 4K, after holding off until there was movement on Infuse acting as a Plex TV client! Will be joining the beta once I receive the ATV, just checking if invites are still being sent out?

Does one need to be a subscriber? I was planning to, but just checking.


I’ve just taken delivery of my new Apple TV 4K and would love to get on the 5.7 beta. My Plex server isn’t powerful enough to transcode video so I can’t watch a big chunk of my media with the native Plex app. I’ve applied using the above link but wondered if anyone knows if any more invites are going out? Cheers

Hi I got a new ATV4K I ended up buying Infuse 5 Pro and love it so far. If the 5.7 beta is still going I’d love to try it out with my Plex server.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I just ordered a new nas and have an extensive Blu-ray collection I’d like to rip (need more space for other stuff). I already tested infuse with a network file on my computer and I was impressed by infuse. I like Plex too but streaming is a nightmare. The library build-up is nice and I want to combine the two. I already own a 4K AppleTV. So if beta testing is still an option I’d like to join. If not, I might be able to wait ;-).

James do you have a eta for public release ?

We anticipate being able to release 5.7 later this month. :slight_smile:

Hello friends!

I wanted to give a huge shout out to the 1000+ people who signed up to help test our new Plex integration. The amazing feedback we received really helped shape and fine-tune this new release, and we couldn’t have done it without you…seriously.

We’re now in the final stages of submitting 5.7 to Apple, and barring any unexpected bugs that pop up within the next few days we hope to have this available on the App Store very soon.

We think you’re really going to enjoy this new release. :smiley: