Infuse as a Plex Client

What i like in the Plex iOS App:

  • Background sync of shows/movies. I select which shows/films i want to sync on my Plex Server and they will appear on the Plex iOS App ready for offline Playback (this works really well).
  • Playback status sync (watched, time remaining). However this doesn't work reliably if i am on the road.
  • Direct play if i am on the same network with my Plex server. In addition choose a transcoding option in case i am on the road and use a VPN.

What i really like in Infuse are the far superior playback controls and the quality of the app. In contrast the Plex iOS App is sometimes stuck while opening. Playback controls are very limited (when you come from Infuse :wink: ). Volume and Volumeboost isn’t working for me (most) times. Watched status (in app, i am not talking of the sync problems) isn’t updated till the app is force-quit and relaunched in media overview.

If true there are rumours that the lead media player developer is laid off. Maybe there is an opportunity to “white label” Infuse and sell it to Plex or other kinds of cooperations. However i am more than willing to pay (again) for an Infuse app compatible with reliable Plex media sync and watched status sync.

With Plex and the media sync feature to iOS i found the perfect solution for my viewing habits. However the Plex iOS client is lacking in any other way especially if you are accustomed and “grown” with Infuse in combination with trakt. If you are able to pull this off i am happy to ditch the Plex iOS App so fast…

Also having the ability to choose a version of the movie as in Plex. I have more than one version of some films so that would be really useful. The idea of using Plex metadata would save space and time so definitely up for that. Maybe the ability to keep the collections in library? That’s one thing I do like in Infuse, maybe the ability to turn this off and on? Just an idea

IMO, simply put, sign into PMS and offer up what the plex app does or some variation of, definitely a better utilization of the home screen.


I’m a new Infuse user, the best thing Infuse could do is to act as a Plex client just like it makes mrmc but with the graphics environment, codecs Infuse has… Firecore, would win many customers right now, Apple TV is one of the best 4k video players on the market, its new update when it is released 11.2 will allow the change of refreshment on TVs depending on the movie, many users want to switch to Apple TV, but with their greatest fear of moving their libraries from plex to infuse, the process is long and slow, even if DLNA is activated on the server is not the same. I have had nvidia shield envy and direct reproduction in the plex application, however the application of Plex in the appletv transcodes and does not support 4k videos with MKV container.
My suggestion would be Infuse environment as a plex client, if I had to pay for a new infuse application, I would pay for it, and so many more users I think.
In the forums of about 600 people we are, they with that option would lead Infuse with their eyes closed.

Sorry for my translation, I’m from Spain.

A greeting,

I should imagine this will get implemented on the next major update to infuse (infuse 6???)
Which I’m more than happy to pay for again if they add the plex support.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

We’ve started looking into this, and have tentatively scheduled the initial implementation to be included in the upcoming 5.7 update, which will likely be out in early 2018. (see roadmap here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20))

This is still somewhat subject to change of course, but rest assured the wheels are in motion.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Excellent news ! Thanks for the update !

Great news, friends asking for apple tv 4k for Christmas!!

That’s amazing news!!

Thank you @james I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

This is awesome news James! This will make the Apple TV a near perfect device for Plex users and HT enthusiasts!



It is very good that you are planning to add PLEX support.

Main feature should be included is the Plex library support. The PLEX is much better at fetching metadata, and it is quite easier that no need to wait on Infuse startup, it would just pull Plex library qucikly but would use the good old Infuse player. Infuse player is much more better in playing the movies. It can quickly add subtitle or download if not present, Audio selection is quite instant.

My only request is to add the Plex library support, but Infuse would still play the file directly from the storage without plex, or plex transcode. Just add plex library support and make it possible that Infuse keep watch history in accordance with Plex.

Earlier you mentioned that in future TVOS releases it is possible to fetch metadata in standby, but it is still not present and by current fetching it is quite slow to begin watching a new video which was not in the library earlier.

Would be GREAT if your “Watching” section synced with Plex’s “On Deck”. This kind of works right now with Trakt but only if you start watching something in Infuse. For example, if I’m watching a series in Plex it will automatically put the next episode in On Deck after I finish one. Would love for Infuse to pull this info in from Plex

I’m both a Plex lifetime user and an Infuse user. I’m curious if the upcoming Plex sign in will work with Plex Cloud?

Also, Is there any plan for Infuse to create a server app or just store the Infuse DB along with the Cloud shares, for example in the OneDrive share so that each user in my family doesn’t have to build and rebuild the dB? Or maybe make an Infuse version of Plex Cloud?

@james The must-have Plex integrations for Infuse to pull in would be Plex’s libraries and metadata. Additionally, it should work for Plex Cloud. Anything beyond these features, like support for on-deck, syncing watched status, recommendations, remote access, etc, would just be a bonus, but not critical for initial release.

I’m not even able to complete a metadata fetch in Infuse because I get temporarily banned from Google Drive for hitting the API limit, which means I’m not able to stream any of the content in GDrive until the ban is lifted after 24 hours. This is just on one device, too. After running metadata fetching on an Apple TV for sixteen hours, it hasn’t finished, and it won’t, either, as the ban is in place and will constantly come back after several more hours of metadata fetching. As Infuse requires metadata fetching on every device, duplicating all that work over and over, it essentially means I’ll never get to watch anything, because I’ll just always get API-banned, and I’ll never have complete metadata. Infuse is simply not capable of handling large media libraries. Furthermore, Plex’s library handling is superior in every way, just like Infuse’s media player is superior in every way.

I just bought a 1 month license, because I wanted to see if metadata fetching has improved (it hasn’t, personally), but I’m happy to have found this thread. Knowing that there’s a chance Infuse will use Plex’s libraries and metadata means I’m buying a lifetime license later today. This would solve all my media streaming problems, as Plex’s media playing functionality is just abysmal, particularly on tvOS.

Edit: I bought an Infuse Pro lifetime subscription just now.

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I’d argue Plex Home is a must have feature out the gate as well. Every user has a different use case though. For me, Infuse is my fringe tool as I can’t have parental controls on it. I want it to be my everyday tool though.

Hopefully tied in with Plex Home, my kids would use their Plex user on Infuse, and only see what they’re supposed to see.

Really looking forward to this! I am a longtime / lifetime Plex user, and bought lifetime Infuse Pro to support your efforts for this specific feature. I’m looking forward to having both a first-class media management server and a top-notch video player.

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Also a Lifetime plex user . I always used Infuse as a backup. But when it has native plex support then I would use Infuse always! Just renewed infuse pro. I wasn’t going to, but with this roadmap…