Infuse as a Plex Client

Just signed up because I’m a DS Video user; this is a white labelled Plex from synology which doesn’t support 4k.

“Upgraded” to plex to be on the bleeding edge and found 80% of my 4k videos did not play even through plex.

Infuse of course plays everything lovely but it’s only downside is not having a centralised library. New iCloud features are cool but I prefer to use Plex as a core library and it’s metadata features are a bit better too.

So if this works I manage metadata on my NAS box, and infuse does it’s lovely elegant job of playback as a spoofed Direct Play client. Perfection!! Signed up for beta…

I’m going to find that very unlikely. I’m sure they’re aiming for minimal viability. Live TV is significantly less important than access to Plex’s libraries.

Off topic but if infuse could develop it’s own iptv player that would be interesting!

I prefer Infuse to focus only on player. For example Plex is putting many things that do not seem interesting, photos, music player … and are leaving aside users with problems …
For iptv there are already many applications … but I have not seen anything that reproduces better than Infuse …

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Yeah - I’d be happy with playback of Plex media archive. Don’t really need music, photos or IPTV functions here.

I already suggested this feature M3U; Playlist; IPTV Support on Infuse for ATV4
but I didn’t received much update about it.

I have to say that this would be pointless on the Apple TV platform as the tv interface itself acts as an aggregated source of all media including any currently available IPTV from all up to date apps.

So on the Apple TV and indeed all iOS platforms I cannot see why, you wouldn’t just install the dedicated IPTV apps and just use the Apple TV apps interface?

The real value of infuse is its playback engine but I think they know that :slight_smile:

Well something I have been able to do with both Plex and Emby is add my IPTV m3u as if it was an HDhomerun. So not only can I view live TV, but also use their DVR features to record live TV. The biggest downside to both live TV and DVR on Plex and Emby is that they use the native video player which forces transcoding in these instances.

So basically they are no good apps for IPTV for ATV, the only one I will recommend is IPlayTV but if I can use a single app with the quality and team as Infuse to reproduce my local movies through smb, remote movies with native Plex integration and IPTV all from Infuse for me is a big benefit. I can understand for those who doesn’t use IPTV doesn’t have any interest on it but for us who have it, yes this is a very good add.

I would rather not see Infuse suffer from everything-itis. Based on the history of this software, I’m going to say they’re managed very well and know how to stay focused. People who want their Homer Car can go elsewhere.

I use iplaytv too, It’s not bad at all but development seems to have slowed/stopped.
If it could implement GSE’s pause and record function then it would almost be perfect for me.
Back on topic, I can’t wait for the Plex integration!
I’ve personally been wishing this for over 2 years !!!

I am thinking this next beta may come just in time for my new LG CP7. :slight_smile:

Awesome news! Just signed up.

Signed up for beta a week ago, haven’t heard anything yet.

I signed up right after the announcement and didn’t receive anything. My guess there is no Beta for the broader audience yet. I am sure James will let us know if there is anything new.

Hoping someone can clarify something for me?

Is this Plex support basically allowing Infuse to be the client and Plex to be the back-end? bit like how the PlexKodiConnect Plugin works on KODI?

Keep all your library on Plex server then play it via infuse?

That’s the idea yes, fingers crossed we’ll be able to test it soon !

Can’t waot to test the beta :slight_smile:

So infuse would get all the artwork etc. directly from Plex, right?

Yes. :slight_smile:


I really hope the recently added list can be displayed. It’s a really useful power feature for those of us with automated IPTV or DVB recording, and auto-meta tagging/filing.

Maybe not at first but it would be nice in the long run :smiley: