Infuse as a Plex Client

Would be nice if this could be implemented, other players that are available do this, but they are not IMO as good as Infuse. James, if possible could you comment on this, thanks.



At this moment you can add your Plex Library as your media. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for

Not exactly what I was looking for, would like infuse to sign into my plex account and be a client player.

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That’s not what Infuse was made for. Infuse use a hard disk on lan to play movies and tvseries. And Plex is a client that play movies and tvseries from it server.

Yes, I am aware of how both Infuse and Plex work, I support both, as well as MrMC. I presently maintain my PMS and use MrMC as the player, because of its audio capabilities. IMO Firecore could capitalize by doing the same.

I imagine the main feature you’re after is to have Infuse keep your Library watched history in sync with other Plex devices?

If so, one way to do this now would be to use trakt in Infuse and Plex. This will allow everything to stay in sync, no matter which app you play it in.

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I think what he wants is the ability to use the Plex server and Infuse as the client, similar to another tvOS/iOS app called MrMC. You can put in SMB/NFS/etc shares, or just connect using Plex and Plex stores the metadata and everything while Infuse would just display the metadata and play the files. The benefit of this is that we would get the great interface of Infuse, the ability to direct play files that the Plex tvOS/iOS app does not (like VC1 files, or anything that doesn’t have AC3 audio), while also not having to scrape all of our files and pull/store metadata on our devices since all of that can be handled by Plex.


Bingo, well said my friend, and I am quite sure many others would jump at this. Thanks, Your response was much appreciated.


Thanks for the info.

We’ll review this for an upcoming version.

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Great, thanks James.

I’m also thrilled that you’ll review that. Infuse accessing the PMS would be great!

It’s definitely something I would love, so appreciate looking into it.


+1 This would be a killer feature!

I have exactly the same issue and would like exactly the same solution (i.e. to allow inFuse to act as a plex client). I actually started another thread (now closed), so I have dropped the text from that one in here.

I’ve just purchased the new infuse 5 pro as I was already using infuse 4 and it works excellently at playing videos, in fact better than any other player. The only issue with it, is the poor to non-existent metadata management.
I insert all my metadata into the m4v or mp4 files at the tine of creation, in order to ensure they take their metadata with them wherever they go. The issue is even with embedded metadata turned on when the metadata download works (and it only works about 50% of the time) it quite often gets it wrong.

I have no issue with the player, in fact I have issues with HD playback on my apple TV when using the standard plex client and all I ever do is just switch from plex client to Infuse, load the same movie and it plays without fault, it also gives me access to the DTS soundtrack and more - to be honest perfect and well worth the subscription.

I recently tried the MrMC apple TV app and whilst it also plays my videos well (not as well as infuse) one thing it does do is it acts as a plex client. Would it be possible to get infuse to do this ?
Even when using library mode in infuse the metadata download and management is pretty bad, the Plex server metadata management, user management (I have a plex pass) is almost perfect, so if you could have infuse to act as a plex client, that would be the best of both worlds, if Infuse could use the metadata etc. direct from my plex server it would (for me at least) be the perfect solution.

I totally agree. To elaborate, the Plex metadata could also give us better cast info and Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews. Then Infuse would be the ideal app. I’ve mentioned before that I beggin my movie tv watching in Plex, using its rich metadata (RT, tvtheme music, and better cast info) then I move to a superior player, either MrMC or Infuse. I’d love for Infuse to become that all in one app.

That would be an awesome feature! I’ve spent a lot of time building my Plex library, but because the Plex Player can only “direct play” formats natively supported by Apple (which is not a lot…) I have two choices:

  • Using MrMc, which offers a good Plex integration but an UI not really adapted for tvOS
  • Using Infuse, which offers a good UI but that means spending hours editing the metadata of my library (and maintaining two librairies, since I still need Plex because I share my library with other users). And because the metadata are not synced with iCloud I have to do it for all my iDevices …

I’ve asked this question quite a long time ago and had the same response “future update” so we might be waiting for a while !
For me it’s a no brainer, Infuse could potentially make a lot of sales on the back of Plex integration, so many people on the Plex Apple TV forum complain about having to transcode files/poor quality with the native Plex app.
I’ve tried the UPNP option but it’s extremely slow, especially because I use Plex via a shared server, come on Infuse, add search and Plex integration and I’ll forget about the free upgrade to infuse 5 (purchased after August) I’m waiting for and I’ll pay again !

In fact, this is exactly what Squire does (and more!)
Squire, however, needs some improvements on the player side, especially codec support (Licences?). Otherwise, the library is available in a second, metadata and sync. is handled by Plex and that is really great; it would really bring Infuse to the top of players for ATV.

On my ATV4, I have Infuse 4/5, Squire, VLC, PlayerXtreme, Kodi 17 (beta7) side-loaded and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. IMO, the best player is Infuse but massively weak on the metadata side, best UI is Squire but the player is behind, VLC is simple and does all but is more like a file browser (Nastify comes to mind), PlayerXtreme has a better UI than VLC but currently delivers no audio on ATV. Kodi would be No. 1 for me when/if it comes officially to ATV since MrMc is behind the current Kodi development.

Plex client would be good.

Or on the other hand if it is easier you could use some open source media catalogue system if available to sort and categorize files on the NAS.

Maybe you could develop addon for NAS devices.