Infuse apple tv (add Direct url)

This is a very important option. I don’t know why it is not available. . We want to use mobile, sync and iCloud. We want to paste the link path between the two links

Please add this option in the Apple TV version application

We don’t want to turn on iCloud and sync

We want this option directly from the Infuse application, look at vlv

Many people around the world do not like to turn on iCloud on their mobile phones

and I am one of them

Make it nicer

If you want to sync, do so

And whoever does not want to have an alternative option, a direct link in the Apple TV version

Im wait ???

What a strange post


I did another iCloud on another mobile
For me the way to view my status
Put the link of the movie on the iPhone, go to Apple TV in icloud, and watch
I don’t want to download or store the movie and change the file name

Use it temporarily (we are waiting for the option to put the direct link on the Apple TV and paste the link via the Apple TV remote control application) is better than iCloud

And sometimes I watch through the vlc application … because it allows directly pasting the link without icloud

We want members’ opinions


Paste the movie link via the iPhone remote control to the Apple TV without turning on any cloud

For now I use vlc to paste links