Infuse & Apple 4K (2021) Questions


I am new to Infuse and before I invest in the Pro version, I have some questions.

I personally like how in the Plex you can easily move through the library by alphabet on the side - I don’t see that in Infuse - is there a way to enable that?

Also, in Plex you can easily select the chapters by their thumbnail, but I don’t see anything like that in Infuse.

I got the new Apple 4K 2021 model and didn’t realize Plex & Apple don’t support passthrough, so as I understand it if I get the Pro Infuse will make use of the proper audio formats my content has like Dolby Digital, etc?

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The first item you asked about has been suggested and is currently marked as planned here.

The next item has also been suggested and is also currently marked as planned here.

Infuse will handle most audio formats quite well but I’ll leave the details to someone else who may better explain. (old ears and old school equipment so I’m not a audiophile like some of our other regulars :wink: )

Audio is converted to PCM and there’s no noticeable difference as it’s a bit for bit decode on the AppleTV. The only thing you won’t have is TrueHD Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as that metadata is stripped off/ignored during the decode due to limitations within the AppleTV software.

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If you have a lot of HDR content especially in Dolby Vision and lossy Atmos, infuse is a worthwhile investment. If not, maybe not so much. Plex is a decent SDR player in a lot of areas, this is my personal experience at least. I use Plex for all my DVR streaming and Infuse for my movies, the metadata management, TV collections and smart playlists keep me tethered to Plex player.

You say we don’t have Dolby True HD but it seems to me that we do. It is only Atmos with True HD core that we do not have.

But maybe I misunderstood the meaning of your sentence.

Instead of DTS-X we have a DTS or DTS-HD equivalence?

Instead of Atmos with Core True HD we have Dolby Digital or Dolby True HD equivalence?

Everything will be decoded and output as multichannel PCM except any object based metadata so you’ll playback whatever the highest quality 5.1 or 7.1 audio track is in your video file (just not object based audio for height channels). DTS-HD and TrueHD can be decoded.