Infuse app stuck on "syncing with icloud"

My macbook infuse app is stuck on “syncing with icliud”.
this happens often and the only way the issue foes away only when I restart the macbook.
What’s the issue causing it and how can it get away?
screenshot of the same below.

Would be great if someone could reply and help solving it for me.


I’d suggest that when you launch Infuse go directly to the Settings > Library screen and monitor the messages regarding iCloud syncing there. Occasionally, it may take an extended time to get all of the updates and changes made to iCloud to sync.

I’ve had it take 45+ minutes to complete an iCloud sync. Usually after the long sync the next ones will be faster. (unless there are lots of changes :wink: )

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alright I got you.
but when I restart the macbook and then open infuse, it completes the icloud sync in like 30 / 40 seconds (Every time) or so and that’s weird.


would be great if you could check the issue sir . @james