Infuse app on Apple TV not updating from v5.0.1

My Infuse app on apple TV is showing v5.0.1 and not updating to 5.1 or 5.2
On apple app store when I search for the Infuse app to update, it shows Open instead of Update.

Hmm, are you running the latest 10.2.1 Apple TV software? You can check and/or update through the Settings > System > Update Software menu.

It may also help to log out of the App Store and back in. This can sometimes help clear up App Store wonkiness like this.

Apple TV is running 10.1.1 which I believe is the latest OS and not 10.2.1
Tried signing out and back in but didn’t work.

Nothing worked. I had to finally reinstall it again. Now I am on latest version 5.2